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2003 Red Convertible with 79k Low Price

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Ford Thunderbirds For Sale/Wanted' started by Jan, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. I talked with several guys about a year ago about my 2003 bird that has peeling clear-coat, needs a new top, and has some electrical problems. I am finally getting another car, and will consider selling for $2800.00. I have owned it since 2005, never been in any kind of wreck, and taken car of...other than it sits in the sun all day. The AC works, but heat does not. I still drive it every day, but it needs a couple of cylinder coils, and the horn doesn't work. That could be a fuse. Tires and brakes are ok. Top must be replaced asap due to back window pulling away from the canvas. You won't find a car that runs at this price, I don't think. Will add photos in a few hours. Please email me at Luvdavy at sccoast.net (near North Myrtle Beach, SC)
  2. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member

    If the horn does not work on a Ford, that is often the clock spring where the airbags are, does the cruise control still work? If it was just a fuse, I'm sure that would have been addressed already.
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  3. Believe it or not, I've never used the cruise control. I can check in a day or two. We are in a 3 day monsoon right now. It's not supposed to quit raining until the weekend. But I will try and check.

    I had the problem that so many were talking about - with the battery going dead over and over. It is part of that issue with the heater/ac, I think. I finally found the solution by turning on the defrost before I turn the ignition off. As crazy as that sounds, it solved everything. But one night, the horn started blowing on its own. I couldn't make it stop, and ended up driving it to keep from waking everyone in our condo complex. It finally stopped, and when it did, it no longer worked. I didn't pursue it, because I figured it was all related...some kind of short or something.

    There are several problems, that is for sure. But for $2800, it's still a good deal.
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