2003 Order - Parking Lights

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I just received back a copy of the order sheet for my 2003 Tbird. I did not see the parking lights option included. I read on another site that there was no charge for this option but that you must specify. I assumed it was part of the 130A trim package.. Going back to the dealer on Monday to change interior from Black to Saddle (with Grey Exterior). Since the order has not been "bucked", I'm hoping its not a major deal.....

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umm, I didnt know anything about this "option". Could someone fill me in on the details?

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You probably have them on your car, these are the two small lights that are on either side of the grill. It's true they are a no cost option, but you don't get them unless you ask for them (that never made much sense to me).

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Apparently, It couldn't pass the low impact crash test with them installed. Too much repair cost I think. As a free option they got it below the threshold with "standard" equipment.

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