2003 On The Way

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This just in from my Dealer, Your 2003 Thunderbird has already been built and bucked out of the plant. It's now waiting for a rail car to pick it up at the plant. After that it will arrive in Amarillo and trucked to Snyder. It is showing ETA the week of 12/9.
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3 weeks! I can walk that fast. Well Merry Christmas anyway.

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Yes I'm getting the heated seats. My wifes always cold when I'm hot. This is one of the solutions. I ordered every option there is. That's the only way to buy a Bird. Im going to take your advice and inspect the bird thourghly. Any other items to look for?
John R.
John - I live in Amarillo and reguarly visit my friend who is the dispatcher at the Amarillo rail head for Jack Cooper Transport. I just may see your car as it rolls through.

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03 In same Boat... or rather on same Train?

A month ago I had been told a build date of November 15th to the 25th and a December 2nd to December 9th scheduled delivery to my Houston dealer. Based on reading the first line of your string, I found out on November 14th that my '03 has been built and bucked (out of the factory) It's also waiting to catch a train to TEXAS. They must have started the 2003 production line early. However,I am cautious on actual delivery date. Previously,I ordered a brand new F-250 crew cab from the factory, it took two weeks to get from the Houston rail head here to the Houston dealer.
Been Bucked and I feel so good! Will be awaiting word of production completion and transport. Build started earlier than scheduled by about 2 weeks. DLR ETA wk of 12/16. May end up being somebody's birthday present as mine is 12/18 and Mrs' is 12/20.
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Waitin for my ship to come in....

I talked to my dealer today 12.4.02. They still do not show the vehicle assigned to a rail car, but they still feel confident that the car could arrive here in Houston next week.
Called customer service at Ford last week 11-27-02 to check on my T-Bird status. These folks do an excellent job of fielding questions. They spent several minutes telling my absolutely nothing. However my dealer's print out still shows delivery the second week of December. I cant's help visualizing my poor Bird lying in a parking lot covered in 3 feet of Ice & Snow. Since I ordered a White on White, they my not be able to find it until spring.
I was at the Wixom plant on Tuesday. All 03's are sitting waiting to be released. Best guess is release next week, altho that is not an official estimate. mine is also triple white, and when we visited, it was snowing, and guess what...the Tbird sitting at the entrance with spotlights on it was white! looked pretty good to me, even with 6 inches of snow on it.
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