2003 MAF Sensor Wiring Pigtail Kit, Install

I have been having problems with my MAF connector plug not locking in place for a number of years. I purchased a replacement electrical connector with six wires from Riley’s auto Parts, number WPT 1241 it is a Motorcraft part, you get the plug wired and heat shrink with no electrical connectors

All of the wires are all the same color green and I cannot tell what position each wire is into a corresponding pin on the connector. I could not remove the plastic wire holder to view the wire to pin. I had to use OHMS meter to find which wire match what pin. Then I preceded to cut each wire to a certain length to determine which pin number it corresponded to. Having the wires cut to different lengths also allowed the crimp connectors to spread out, so there would not be a big bundle of connectors in the wire loom.

So now I knew what wire match the corresponding wire color on the OEM plug. I use crimp connectors to secure the wires and heat shrink tubes for protection.

After crimping all the wires I plugged the connector into the MAF sensors and started the car to be sure I had all the OEM wires to the correct location on the new connector.

I then used a butane lighter to heat the shrink tube and then covered the six-wire harness with electrical tape. I had to remove the OEM harness from the OEM mounting clip on the air filter air box mount so I could route the harness under that mounting clip because the new electrical connector has a 90-degree wire cover and the wire loom now had to have a different route.
package.jpg connector and shrink-tube.jpg new connector.jpg OHMS test.jpg Connector wired.jpg wired up.jpg finished.jpg
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I recently had an issue with the Town Car and found all the fuel injector harness plug locks broken. The PO had the intake manifold replaced by the local Dealership, The harness had to be removed to replace manifold. I suspect these were broken then and the mechanic didn't want to spend the time to fix his mistakes. I purchased new connector ends, but rather than splicing the wires, I unpinned them from the old connectors and installed in the new. Find tool on Ebay. The downside.... it takes much longer.

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