2003 interior colors

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we just ordered an 03 and just found this GREAT site. am intreaged by the talk about full color interiors. is this available in full red? we really want want white/white/ white similar to our 56. do you think the convertable top will be available in white?
We have been talking about "full" interiors for so long on this site that newcomers will be confused. in reference to the 2002 - "full" really means "full accent" which means the interior is basic black (it's really a grey) with color accents in the seat inserts, on the dash, top of steering wheel & the gear shift knob & on the door panels. The only "full" color available is black. The "full accents" come in red, blue & yellow.

We do not know what changes are in store for the interiors on the 2003 other than it's been leaked that there will be added to the lineup - white "seat inserts"

Ford's site has pictures of the 4 different styles of interiors available for 2002 and I have some pictures of two of those styles on my site. The 2 styles shown on that page are the full accent and the partial accent. I assume the 2003 will be the same configuration.

We have not heard about any other colors for the soft top other than black. Having had a white vinyl softtop in the past, they are a pain to keep clean & know of no fabric softtop available in white for any car unless custom made. A white top would most likely be vinyl if mass produced.

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/26 the New T-bird


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