2003 Grey/Saddle T-Bird COMMENTS?

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I have ordered this combination yet am beginning to wonder if i should change my color choice while I still can. I haven't heard any comments about this color combination that seem very positive. If I could see one, I'd know right away if I like it. In the meantime, could I have your comments and opinions? The color combination looks beautiful in the new brochure but I haven't heard anyone say that, in reality, that it is beautiful.

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You know, everyone has different tastes. Saddle is a very neutral color. I have a great looking Hartmann leather suitcase that is made of belting leather. I am sure that is the basic color of the Saddle interior. Of course, it is a tan color. I consider that it would look best with a brown or green main color, but I don't think it is really going to be bad even with the dark gray. Some people are going to like it, some are going to hate it. I think I would like it. It sure looks good in the pictures I have seen. Don't let others influence you until you have seen it. If you decide it is really ugly when it shows up, just whine until the dealer lets you out of the deal. I bet there will be one or two people right there to take over your deal.
Obviously, I need to decide while I still have a chance to change the order. Even if I could get out of the deal, I don't want to wait as long as it takes for the order to go through, then have to order all over again. I believe the saddle color would look good with the grey, as shown in the brochure, but I'm not sure how the contrast of only the seats, top of steering wheel, and shift knob would look with the rest of the interior being black. They don't really show that contrast.
Joe, if you go to the "Has anyone taken Delivery Yet" topic, You will see my mountain Shadow Grey/Saddle Interior pictures. The colors in the picture of the saddle seats etc. are not distorted. It is truly closer to pumpkin than tan. The Audi TT has the same Grey/saddle combination, but there's is closer to tan. My dealer offered to take the car off my hands on the spot; since it was so unique. I will like it even better once the wood kit is installed
Are you happy with the choice you made? Unfortunately, there are no cars anywhered in my area with this combination that I can look at. If you could change your mind, would you? Thanks for your reply.
Keep checking the inventory. The cars on site now are just the tip of the iceberg. There are new cars in the pipeline as we speak. Unfortunately, I doubt that anyone else's opinion could possibly tell you if YOU would like it. Taste is such a subjective thing. I would want to see it for myself and frankly, that is what I was waiting for to get my order in. I will try to get over to the dealer this week or see if anyone in the Phoenix area has one in stock as I am off to the Fiesta Bowl this weekend.
Excuse me, but I am absolutely SHOCKED that no one here has challenged the following statement made above:

"If you decide it is really ugly when it shows up, just whine until the dealer lets you out of the deal."

Let me get this straight, if one orders in a car - or anything for that matter - and doesn't like it upon delivery then he or she is to merely whine his or her way out of it? WRONG! How about a customer accepting responsibility that he or she was the one that ordered it that way in the first place? If one isn't exactly sure he or she will like what they order then no one is to blame but themselves! Translated: if the above scenario comes to pass then it is the CUSTOMER'S problem and NOT the dealer's!

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Oh, please!!! Tell me that dealers have never returned deposits because the cars have been "unavailable" for some unspecified reason. Besides, if you read as well as you sermonize you would have seen that the premise of the post is that there would certainly be someone available to take over the contract. My understanding of contract law is that the dealer is entitled to sell that car ONE TIME. If the car were to sit there and not be sold, sure there is a case for specific performance, but if the car is sold to another buyer for the same or greater profit then the first buyer is entitled to get his deposit back. I would be shocked if a willing buyer was not available in a very short time. Read the next sentence in the post before you start your preaching.

Allow me to enlighten you. You state that "the premise of the post is that there would certainly be someone available to take over the contract." However, your earlier posting stated that "I bet there will be one or two people right there to take over your deal." The above two sentences do not harmonize: "would certainly" and "I bet" are not the same thing. You then apparently realized this yourself by distancing yourself from any situational certainty by staing that "I would be shocked if a willing buyer was not available in a very short time." Further, what might be "a very short time" to you could be otherwise to a merchant.

Also, if there truly were "one or two people right there to take over your deal" then that would dictate that the 2003 saddle-interiored Thunderbird was one of the hottest selling cars on the planet. As such, there would be no 2003 saddle-interiored Thunderbirds sitting on lots. You yourself prove that scenario is doesn't exist by stating that "In my area dealers it showed there were two 03's with saddle interiors."

My point is simply this, if a preoredered car comes in and the orderer decides he or she doesn't like it then the dealer may certainly say "No big deal", sell it to another readily available purchaser (assuming one might exist in the first place), etc. However, the dealer is certainly under no obligation to do so. I believe both you and I agree on this fact because you yourself stated that "If the car were to sit there and not be sold, sure there is a case for specific performance." The law certainly does provide an avenue for dealers to legally push the matter if they so desire. However, I believe you will see very few dealers litigate on this cause of action due to the financial and public relational costs of same.

Also, just because some dealers act in less-than-responsible manners - as in the example given in your posting immediately above - that is certainly no reason for a customer to do likewise. For you to infer otherwise is an insult to every reader here.

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Infact,a dealer really isn't obligated to sell a car to the customer who ordered it UNLESS the customer actually posseses a written,signed,legal agreement.I know of several situations concerning early PT Cruisers,and early T-Birds in which the dealerships sold the car out from under the odering customer upon delivery simply because they had a confirmed willing customer willing to pay far more than the original ordering customer. I am sure the same will occur to a few of the first customers who ordered the Chevy SSR too.

There is some good though....if the dealership DID happen to cash any deposit check required prior to order/delivery on the vehicle in question,then they are in legal trouble.On lady did win her case involving a California Chrysler dealer.....When she went to pick up her newly arrived PT,the salesmen instead handed her a check from the dealership....it wasn't her original check which she requested back and the dealer couldn't provide...needless to say........the dealer botched up big.

Evert, can we just agree to disagree? You are not enlightening me in any way. I have represented dealers, distributors and manufacturers for many years. I am quite familiar with the law and the practicalities. I have NO idea what your point is other than to suggest your moral superiority to those who had not "challenged" the statement you took totally out of context from my post. OK, you win. I repeat, however, that if a buyer finds that a car he has ordered is totally unacceptable to him, he should tell the dealer he doesn't want it. He should whine if that helps. He can, if he wishes, try to push the envelope as far as possible because the very high probability is that the dealer will have someone there to buy the car at the original price or more. That is what I said, and I stand by it. Yes, there is a small chance that the dealer will try to enforce the contract, but given the realities of the situation, that is very unlikely. Let's just drop this, please. You are entitled to your opinion as am I.
Does this mean that we can get back to the original topic?

Yesterday, I drove over nearly 300 miles to see a black car with the saddle interior. At least I would finally see the saddle interior. I thought it looked good in the black car. We went shopping, then about three hours later, went back to see it again. It was sold and gone! I'm just not sure about the grey/saddle combination. Jimjet, if you didn't get my e-mail address I sent you, please let me know. I'd sure like to see those photos of your car!
YES! Jimjet, I DID receive the photos.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. By the way, my Username ended up being "A" because of something I did wrong in the set up. Does anyone know how to change the username?

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To change your user name, go to the top of the page. Under where it says "new topic" and "post reply", you will see "Profile". Click it, then type in your present sign in name and password. Then edit your profile and click "Submit".
So David, (A). You're killing us.. What did you decide? I see there is some other people that have seen the gray/saddle and have commented positively on other topics.
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