2003 Bond T-Bird announced!

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Fresh fom the Ford media site:
When EON Productions and MGM Pictures’ new James Bond film, Die Another Day, opens on November 22, 2002, moviegoers will be able to do more than dream of action-packed adventure. They will also be able to drive home in one of the film’s starring vehicles beginning next spring.
Ford will create a James Bond edition Thunderbird available to customers early next year. The car will be offered in the special coral color created for the film.
Ford will produce 700 of the James Bond edition Thunderbird vehicles in 2003. The James Bond edition Thunderbirds will feature a white-trimmed steering wheel, shift knob and lower door panels. The white perforated leather seat inserts will be surrounded by black leather. Understated "007" badges are found on the instrument panel and floor mats, while the Thunderbird insignias are located on the seat backs. Side-by-side "Thunderbird" and "007" badges appear on the interior aluminum appliqué.
"The Ford Thunderbird epitomizes the ‘agent provocateur’ personality – it is incredibly beautiful, alluring yet clever and tech-savvy," said Jan Valentic, vice president, Global Marketing, Ford Motor Company. "The James Bond edition Thunderbird keeps a hot car sizzling."

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A 007 pink T-bird seems like a bit much, should be very collectable though.

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Do you supppose they will offer an optional passenger ejection seat?

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Do we contact our Dealer to get on the list again for a 007 or is there going to be a phone number to call one day like the NM.
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