2003 Bird!

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Well as of this evening I am first in line for the 2003 'Bird at my local dealer when Ford starts production in August of '02. I stopped by to have my first real look at this car since I first fell in love with it when Ford announced its appearance over a year ago. In several respects I am glad I can't get one now. First of all, I'm inherently wary of the first production run of any new model. I'll definitely be watching here to see what anyone has to say about quirks or problems with their '02s. Second, assuming you can even get your hands on one of these cars right now, all the dealers in my area (Washington DC) are charging a premium -- anywhere from $5k to $20k. A am sure as the mass frenzy dies down so will the dealers' capacity to charge a premium. Right now I have a Miata, and I remember how hot everybody was for them them when they first came out... it was ridiculous what people were willing to pay for that little toy. Third, not only should any kinks be worked out with the next model year, but there are bound to be some enhancements as well. Last but not least, the timing for me is perfect. The lease on my Grand Cherokee will be up in September, and by that time I'll be ready to trade the Miata towards the new 'Bird. I am only sorry to hear that the current blue color won't be continued. In the meantime, I look forward to learning more about everyone's "baby"...

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From what we can gather from internet sources (reliable?), the 2003 Thunderbirds will have electric fans and will have two new colors - salmon and grey. Have heard nothing on interiors.
Dealers should get order guides by March or April.
There was also a mention of heated seats, with switches to go into blank area under top switch, very recently.

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The "Salmon" or Coral color is a given, but no official announcement has been made as to the other color. The Gunmetal Grey Bird that appeared at the Palm Springs Concours d'Elegance was a one-of Bird that will not appear as a production unit color. More than likely the other new color could be a shade of blue or green, or possibly even a "Buckskin."

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