2003 bird-prices/changes

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May 21, 2002
how much have '03 prices increased over '02?
what equipment changes have been made?

Considering new '02 from dealer, but since prices are still fairly close to MSRP maybe I should just get an '03(??)

Every one has an opinion and I want yours!

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An opinon.....1) It depends on the color of your choice. Look at the '02 and '03's and pick a color you want. 2) Then get a spec on both to determine the changes, which are very minimal.
3) Now consider price. You can almost find any '02 color and it would be (for the most part) negotiable. I know of a Black full Premium that's in MA that is negotiable. On the showroom floor.
5) Consider if you want to pay a premium or at least MSRP for an '03 vs. MSRP or below (in most cases) for an '02
Either way before you spend this much money, do your homework. Whatever you choose you will be very pleased.
My MSRP for an '03 was $39,885 plus $555 destination. I do have a hardtop and got the 130A trim package (leather on steering wheel). Color is in the new Mountain Shadow Grey with saddle interior, which I do not think is a premium color. I did negotiate an additional $1800 discount off the MSRP. Order was placed Sept 19th, 2002. You do the math based on where you want to pick a point in time on the supply-demand curve of purchasing a Tbird in 2002. They are sitting in all the dealer showrooms here in Houston; so the pricing on the 2002s is pretty relaxed.
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