2002 Yellow Thunderbird photos from Portland, OR

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Hi group:

Here's a link to some photos I took at a dealership near Portland, OR, of a beautiful yellow 2002 Ford Thunderbird. I finally got these online on my website but they will only be there for about a week or so.

The URL is: http://groups.*******/AlsPhotographs/fotm1.msnw .

I hope that you enjoy the photos. Assuming the car has been sold by now, perhaps you can contact the car's owner and advise him of these photos.

Al Gershen
Grants Pass, OR

Nice pictures!

I think that's the first time I saw a new bird without the optional parking lights. It looks a bit more nostalgic without them. I like the look.

Debi in MI
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I recently saw a T-bird in Washington DC that didn't have the optional parking lamps. It, too, was yellow. I like the lamps on my blue T-bird, but it was interesting to see one without them.
I prefer the Bird with the parking lights, particularly when they are switched on. I run all the lights day and night for visibility and safety. It doesn't hurt that they look cool too...

PK- Blue/Full Blue/Blue Top #16336
I'm not sure how true this is, but I heard some time ago that the T-Birds without the fog lights were made to be sold in Canada. All Birds sold in the U.S. come with the fog lights.
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