2002 window sticker for sale! Plus dash trim.

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White Bird I did get the pictures. I am currently in Florida and will return to michigan this next week for summer. I was wondering where you are located? Also is the dash trim in nice condition? For some reason a lot of these cars have dinged up dash and door trim panels. I am also looking for driver door metal trim piece. Thanks for your time,
I have the original 2002 owners book that small that would fit as well I'm looking for $75 I was throwing everything at you if you only want part it's still 75 bucks tell you what you can have it for $50 but I'm not going to send until your check is good. If that's okay I want to be sure I'm not just giving it away for free help with that if you can thank you
If you want to have it mailed special please include additional Postage and I will send it anyway you want secured mail or signature required. If you do not want to model warranty guide or the router book or the CDs it would be in a smaller envelope do you want me to fold it?


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I've already mailed the check at 8:00 a.m.From the local post office, this morning.I would appreciate it,if it wasn't folded.If there is additional postage let me know. I will reimburse you.
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I think it will fit in Priority envelope.
If not I'm going to have to shop for a larger envelope. I am sending this + 3 additional items in the picture unless you do not want them. Let me know thank you.


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