2002 Thunderbird seat comfort

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I finally got my new T-bird after waiting 16 long months. I love my new car, nut with one exception... I think the driver's seat is uncomfortable, especially on longer drives. I've played with all the controls, but can't get comfortable. Sometimes my back and neck hurt after going for a drive. The lumbar support seems poorly designed(?) I'm 5'7" tall so there is not a headroom issue. I had heard that the lateral support on the Tbird seats was poor (it is) but I am concerned about the seat comfort (not to mention my back and neck!). Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
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2002 Thunderbird #17889
Premium. Removable hardtop.
Blue/blue. Partial color interior

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For long trips you may want to think about getting a small pillow to rest you upper back on. The upper back of the seat seems to curve away from you instead of curving to you.
These seats, as with most Ford seats are very uncomfortable and non ergonomic.
They needed the headroom from somewhere so they took it out of the seat bottoms. they're
quite thin in comparison to most other autos and are quite hard. This, coupled with no real good lumbar or side support makes for a not too comfortable seat for a road car.
Interesting thread. I've over 10,000 miles on mine, and have taken numerous trips to Chapel Hill (2 hours each way), and a couple of trips to Atlanta (8 hours each way). I'm just under 6', and have had no discomfort with the seat, either bottom, lateral support....anything. Mine is just fine. The lumbar support is adequate, side bolsters are not adjustable as they are in my SuperCoupe, but I have no complaints with my '02 seats.
I have also noticed some back and neck discomfort on a long trip, but my real discomfort is that the seatbelt is positioned to high for me. I am just under 5'2". Still, the thrill of ownership makes driving this car a dream come true!

Sally, the seat belt is somewhat uncomfortable, I agree. (I think this is largely because the T-bird is a convertible and there isn't an ideal place for the shoulder belt to be mounted).

But the belt discomfort is a trivial problem, at least as far as I'm concerned. It's the seat discomfort (especially the seat back) that is driving me nuts. I really need to solve this problem. I haven't yet talked to my dealer or to Ford, but of course I will. In the meantime, I am hoping that someone on this forum can point me to a solution, or at least in the right direction.

The thrill of this car is really great... I just need my back and neck to feel the same way!
These seats are comparable in comfort as in any other car I've owned or rented for long trips. The thing about long trips is at some point if you need to change positions of things. In other words shift it around, sit up higher in the seat, lean to one side for a while, etc. When that doesn't seem to help anymore, stop somewhere and get out and walk around for a while. And if you are on a trip that take several days, stay at a hotel that has a hot tub so you can work out the kinks. Try swimming or dancing while you're there, too. And last but not least, remember the smiles per gallon factor of the T-Bird!

The only thing I've noticed in regards to seat comfort, is that I tend to sit with my left foot pulled up next to the seat rather than on the dead pedal that was intended for it. This is not true for me in other cars, so may have something to do with the design of the seat. But I've been on long trips and had no real discomfort.
One clarification -- the driver seat discomfort is a problem for me not just on long trips. I have had a neck ache after a simple 30-minute joy spin. This is why I am concerned. If I were having this problem only on long drives, then I wouldn't worry about it (nor would I have started this thread). The problem is that I have some discomfort virtually every time I drive. Ouch. I'll keep fiddling with the controls, but any advice anyone has will be greatly appreciated!
Recaro seats are a very hard seat but I'm sure they or anyone else for that matter don't have a kit for a Tbird anyway. Ford seats are notorious for being uncomfortable. Try to sit in a current Mustang for a period of time, you'll come out a cripple.The only seat from Ford that I ever sat in that was nice was in the Lincoln Mk.8, Nice car when they ran, but unfortunately they tended to break a lot.
I think you'll find the seats soften with age. I was unhappy at first because they seemed hard, but within a few weeks, they softened and are VERY comfortable.
I have a Mark VIII and the seat is a nice wrap-around - the Bird is not like that and I find it a little stiff, but acceptable. Re; the Mustand seat, I also have a Bullitt and that seat is almost as comfortable as the Lincoln. It has very good along the sides and under the legs.

I agree that Ford could have done better with this $40K Bird for seating.

But, I guess we all have our own particular likes that no designer could totally satisfy.
I heard that the "Bullitt" seats had been redisigned and if they are better, I stand corrected.I the will change my original statement and state that MOST Ford seats are back breakers.
I had a MKV111 also. I never had any issues with the reliability of the car. I always thought of it as "an old man's hot rod". Seats were comfortable, but the quality of the leather was awful. I had driver's side leather replaced at 9 months 10K miles. When I first took it to the dealer because of the obvious wear his comment was "Are you sure you are getting in the vehicle properly? Maybe you are sliding into position". I told him I had MANY German cars that I put my butt in the same way, and after a lot of years, no signs of wear. They took care of it under warranty. I sold the car soon after because probably the next time the replacement was on me. I find the T Bird "acceptable" for comfort. Nothing like the Porsche Boxster I had and surprisingly the 2001 PT Cruiser that was replaced by the T Bird had the most comfortable seats of any car I have ever owned. Figure that one out!
FYI - Amerigon will be introducing a heated AND cooled seat element, as an aftermarket accessory, perhaps not for 6 months or so. It's very new to market and is currently being used on some Lincolns, Toyotas, etc.

I know this is one modification I DEFINATELY plan to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just posted this on a different thread. I hope you don't mind me saying it here, too, since it follows this conversation, too. My friend just bought a 2003 Ford Expedition with factory installed heated/air conditioned seats.
GreyFox11....it's not to hard to figure out on the PT Cruiser seats....for once,Chrysler did very good homework AND just enough of Mercedes design and quality standards were beginning to take effect to produce an overall great little car....that's why I own two of them.So far no trips to the dealer except for oil changes/tire rotations.One I have had since May 15th of 2000 too.

You might want to try bringing the seat forward a little and then tilting the back all the way down. It goes down farther if the seat isn't all the way back. Works for me.
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