2002 TBird with extremely light steering after alignment

Okay so I just changed out the upper front control arms, the sway bar links and the tie road ends. Then found I needed to get it realigned, did that and now the car has very, very light steering with a little play either way when turning the steering wheel. Any thoughts on the cause anyone? I'm leaning towards the rack and pinion. Really weird as the steering has always been very heavy. This is my 2002 Thunderbird
Well we did all that but the wheel was out so took it to a big o tires down the road from me and they said the alignment was almost dead on, they set it and said I was good. Thats when driving home and today noticed its very light with about 5 minutes of play either way when you turn the wheel before the car actually turns so trying to figure out what they did.
Found out the problem, I was sold incorrect tie rod ends, these ones have a cone shape of metal at the base of the bolts and this is causing the unit to come loose as it won't tighten enough due to this. I went back to the big o tires near me as they did the alignment and they found out the problem. So that will teach me about online deals, got to buy another set. I will attach pictures of the old and new units to show you the difference. Its quite a bit on the slope of the cone piece. 20180915_164100.jpg 20180915_171441.jpg
I know stupid me I checked the length but didn't pay close attention to the bolt part, it happens, we all have days where it just doesn't go to plan. Here in Arizona its so darn hot still that you just want to get the job done. At least I found out and can warn others just in case. Ordered new units from rockauto at a good price.
Okay update on the tie rod ends for my TBird (2002 model) turns out the only place now selling the ones that fit are oreillys with there value brand set, all the other now have the large cone shaped washer on them which will not work on the car. I even ordered a set of acdelco ones from rockauto and had to return them. Its cost me a bit of money in the long run due to returns and stuff. The apparent reason for the change is somewhere along the line where these fit several models and years a problem has come up and this is the rectification they put in. Trouble is they won't fit the TBirds system anymore so buyer beware if you have to change them. I now have to get the steering aligned again as we got it good but the steering wheel isn't level. Then I have to change both upper and lower control arms on the rear as the bushes which are fluid filled have perished.
Just an update if anyone is interested, just replaced both upper and lower control arms on the rear of my 02 TBird as the rubber bushes (which are fluid filled) were perished in places and looked bad. It seems to have cleared the creak I had at the back when ever I went slowly over a bump/speed bump. They are hard to get out but you don't need to remove the strut whereas the fronts you do. Be prepared to be a contortionist as you do end up on your back to get to a nut or bolt which ever is more available to get a spanner/wrench on. I would also check you have the size spanner/wrench you need to fit them before you start. I got the rear control arms through ebay but they cam from companies like summit and jc whitney, I got the dorman ones that way I could compare the part numbers with dormans site to make sure they were the right ones. All four control arms cost me a few dollars under $500 so be prepared.
Thanks for the details on the right tie rod ends, I just finished replacing them on my 2002. I haven't even got it off the jack stands and I read your post. Sure enough, the ones I installed have the wide beveled washer. They did seem to tighten up properly, but I think I'll get the correct ones before I have it aligned. I still need to do the rear upper control arms and struts this week, too. Between the heater control valve this week and the suspension, I'm getting pretty familiar with my wife's new to her bird.
I just replaced Upper and Lower Control arms and inner and outer tie rods. I went and had it aligned, and the mechanic said he couldn't get the camber correct because I had the "wrong" bolts in the lower control arm. He said I needed bolts that had a eccentric washer that slides onto a keyed bolt. I used the factory bolts when I made the change, and I guarantee there wasn't any eccentric washers. Anyone ever hear of this?