2002 TBird Models

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guess I'll get in here and nitpick. All the wheels you have seen on the diecast models have been the 24 spoke wheels found on the concept model, chrome and painted versions, EXCEPT for the more correct 21 spoke "painted" wheel found on the Ertl "Tiffany" tbird which is rather stylized. None have shown up with the 7-spoke premium wheels yet as you have noted.

"Toy" manufacturers are in the "kid toys" frame of mind even when supplying models for the collector and they just don't seem to care about being totally accurate. Their "bottom line" is more important so they will utilize the molds they have as long as it gets across the basic look of the "toy."

Dot, tbird blue w/white top on order, #18/25 the New T-bird
Picky, picky, picky.

I don't think I've mentioned this before but ZIMA came out with a plastic inflatible 2002 t-bird that's really cute. It's for store displays for their contest (2002 t-bird
drawing) that just ended. First saw one on ebay a couple of weeks ago (it's now mine).

The model is black, topless, red interior and is about 31" in length. To see a picture, just look up my bidder auctions on ebay under sandi_toys or visit my website's memorabilia page and look for ZIMA inflatible.

Now how does this fit into the model wheels discussion? The plastic blowup wheels on this baby have WIRE wheels.

For those interested (I haven't tried this route) the producer of this inflatible is Sterling Promotional Corp. 3010 Westchester Ave., Purchase, NY 10577.
HeeBird, I just saw, on ebay, a diecast 2002 TBird with UNC Tarheels colors and logos. You may want to check it out.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
I just talked to a nice woman at Sterling. They shipped all Zima Tbirds to Zima, and have nothing left. We'll just have to look at Dot's picture, I guess.
try to find your local Coors beer distributor - Coors is the owner of ZIMA products. Though the distriutor in my area had never seen these & his regional supplier also had not seen them, they must be in some areas and available if you ask quick enough.

On another note, birdman93 informed me that the new WHITE maisto 1/18 scale that KB Toys is starting to carry HAS the 7 spoke premium wheels.

I checked another source and they list the model as "coming" but have no picture to verify. I'm looking forward to this color as it gives us a chance to swap tops on all the models to see how white looks. Maybe you'll even be able to swap wheels if this wheel style change has been made.
If you are referring to seven spokes. I have a triple black premium with seven spoke chrome wheels.

I will take a pic e-mail it to you. Got mine in August from Lompoc Valley Ford in California.

Is this rare or should I be pissed I did not get the 21 spoke chrome??


I was referring to die cast model wheels, the 7 spoke chrome are the standard premium wheels on American cars, the 21 spoke chrome are the Neiman Marcus wheels and the 21 spoke painted wheels are the deluxe/Canadian wheels.

Most die cast models do not have the correct wheels (24 spoke as Dot pointed out
), yet.

Last night I rec'd my remote control 2002 tbird (thunderbird blue). After reading your post yesterday...the first thing I did was count the spokes. It has seven. Unfortunately I'm at work and don't recall the manufacturer.

Also I have to have them replace it. The driver side mirror was broken off
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