2002 TBird LH heater duct placement

I searched here and the Workshop Manual but don't have a clear understanding of how the long plastic air heater duct is installed. I'm talking about the driver's side underneath the steering column. Its clear the piece has one screw securing it on the left hand side but it seems to "float" at the other (radio) end...and the opening on that end doesn't attach to anything ... no flexible or plastic duct to meet it do pass the air through the piece.

Is this correct or am I missing something ?
I looked on my 05. The radio end of the duct is square in shape & also is built to slide over the main chamber's driver's side opening . Once you get that to slide onto the main chamber the tube should be able to be pushed up into position for the one lone screw to go into place.

To be certain we are looking at the same piece my 05's driver's footwell lamp is part of this same duct. Is that the same on the 02s?
The '02 DS courtesy (foorwell) lamp socket actually goes into the large foam insulated piece that goes on after the duct, so there may be a difference there.... I'm thinking '02 may well be different, the duct shown in the Workshop Manual doesn't look like the one on my car. I'll do a bit more research but it just seems like an odd arrangment.
I figured it out, I guess my old body didn't want to lay down on the DS floorboard low enough to look behind the console center stack and spot the ductwork that the piece in question goes into....crystal clear now and thanks...