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2002 T-Bird: Where to put CELL PHONE?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by VolleyballJIM, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Other than a window mount, has anyone successfully found a way to mount their phone inside their car? Best I've come up with is laying it sideways between the two cup dispensers, LOL. Don't want anything TOO tacky, but curious if there is "another alternative".
  2. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Donor

  3. wthigpen

    wthigpen Active Member Lifetime Donor

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  4. I purchased one that mounts to one set of the AC vents and it cost $10 plus shipping (see item b below for an example of this but not the specific one I bought). There are various options available. See three examples below:

    (a) Ones that are mounted atop the dash and use magnets to hold the phone in place:

    (b) Ones that mount using one set of the AC vents of the car:

    (c) Ones that mount using the CD player:
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  5. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  6. FYI: My cell phone is integrated with a 7" screen (Pioneer 2400 ish model). Its COMPLETELY hands-free and you can get guidance by "OK Google, navigate Costco" (MANY Costco's on trips I have NO IDEA how to exit and get to, as one example). No need to go down the road of Pay attention, etc. as tailgating, watching your position on the highway relative to others, adhering to drivers needing "a break" to get in, staying OUT of the fast lane when not going fast, etc. are much more a problem these days. They just ticket speeding, and, as the Autobahn will attest, that is not the fundamental root problem of accidents! IMHO...
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  7. As one who drives 45 miles one way to get to my workplace, plus a lot of other business travel, I set my GPS when I leave here and it tells me the fastest route and what roads to avoid when there's an accident. A lot less stress and no, I don't use it to text. It's connected to my bluetooth in the car and I only use for music through my phone and directions.
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  8. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

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  9. The iOttie dash pad and suction cup provide a very stable platform when attached to the aluminum trim above the glove box and the arm extends to put the phone in easy reach. This keeps it out of the way of all the controls on the center stack. I've yet to fine one that will adhere to the Retro's curved and textured dash.

  10. I just saw an ad on TV for Weather Tech Cup Holder for phones...looks perfect.
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  11. Gus Gutz

    Gus Gutz Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I use Audible that plays through the car's speakers from my phone. Now that would work from my trunk, but it would be difficult to use. My watch will control the app but it is nice to have right there on the dash. I use a device that plays my phone through the radio on an unused FM station. It does a great job driving between LA and San Diego.

    And I have an OBD2 device that monitors my engine as I drive. It displays tons of information on my phone. Almost everything a modern car has. I know exactly how many miles I get per gallon, MAF and MAS pressure, engine temp, power, torque, fuel flow etc. Can't see any of that if my phone is in the trunk. In a modern car all that is displayed on the infotainment system. It makes my t bird a little more modern, I think anyway.

    I use a vent clip, but I am worried about breaking the vent vanes. I saw the weather tech cup holder device and thought I might try that. I also saw a holder that slips into the cd player. Since my CD player does not work anyway I was going to look for one of those.

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  12. Just wanted to thank all for the tips; I'm on 'em ; the weather tech was a bit pricey, but after watching the video, looks like its worth it; I already bought the vent one, so I'll check it out, but surely don't want to break a vent! I may just be out the $6.95 and go with the weather tech, but thanks again; great help this forum is!
  13. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    You won't break a vent. I use one in my Mustang. It's made out of a rubbery material.
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  14. Bubblehog

    Bubblehog Active Member Gold Donor

    Here's another option- I use this AboveTEK long arm mount for rental cars. It comes with two clamps, one for phones and one for tablets. When I travel I use it for an iPad Mini that has cell phone data access, and it provides GPS, internet searches, traffic, weather, and anything else a traveler might need. The unit is a long gooseneck with a windshield clamp on one end, a middle support that sits on the dash, and a clamp on the other end for your phone or tablet. It's $19.00 on amazon see https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I0DL2OC/?tag=thunderbirdforum-20
  15. Bubblehog

    Bubblehog Active Member Gold Donor

    Many irresponsible and stupid people are out there on the road. They get drunk and drive, drive while distracted by trying to read a map, drive while reading a newspaper or other printed material (I’ve seen this personally!), drive while distracted by their car’s electronics (I suffered this in a couple rentals and had to pull over to figure out the all-touch-screen radio to turn it off), and drive while distracted typing text messages. Their foolishness isn’t going to keep me from using my phone responsibly. I have completely hands-free and eyes-free control to make and receive phone calls while driving, and voice command and audio directions for GPS in both my 2005 T-bird and 2014 Soul. I went to considerable expense and trouble to put new tech into my T-bird to make that possible. Cell phones are here and in the hands of anyone. The technology itself isn’t to blame for irresponsible and stupid users. The driver is responsible for proper use of the technology they have, from cell phones down to turn signals.
  16. I'm telling you, when I installed the 7" screen, in lieu of the existing radio, the dash looks SO MUCH better. I'll be posting something when the rains stop here in San Jose, CA and I can get a good photo, but with the backup cam, link to the steering wheel for the volume and voice control for music, navigation and phone, I wouldn't EVER go back! ;-)
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  17. ChuckH262

    ChuckH262 Active Member Gold Donor

    Attached Files:

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  18. After a decent amount of research, I think I came across an elegant & professional, yet somewhat pricey solution. I started with a ProClip angled dash mount specifically for the Thunderbird at $29.95 (less 10% for first time customers). This base snaps in between the right side of the Radio and the dash. It has a small catch lip on the radio side and a small self-adhesive pad on the dash side.


    I choose not to get the required cell phone holder from ProClips for a variety of reasons; they're expensive ($39.99), the phone specific holders only work on phones without cases, and they grasp the phone only at the very bottom. Instead, I went with the PanaVise PortaGrip phone holder from Amazon for 16.99. I went with the T-Button Tipper option because I wasn't sure how angled the base plate would be. In the end, it was angled enough I could have chosen the AMPS Adapter Plate option as well. You do get a set of screws and nuts with the PanaVise, however, they're not deep enough to work with the ProClips base, so you'll also need to order some 1/2 inch #8 machine screws and nuts. Also since the PanaVise mounting holes are different, you'll need to drill four holes in the ProClips base. Then just bolt the two together and mount in the car. (PanaVise also has a Thunderbird specific mounting plate, but installation requires you to disassemble the entire center stack.)


    Her's the completed set-up.

    IMG_20190202_152427430.jpg IMG_20190202_152523670_HDR.jpg IMG_20190202_152643085_HDR.jpg IMG_20190210_173125197.jpg IMG_20190210_173132247.jpg IMG_20190210_173233888.jpg
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  19. Hello,
    I am a new member and I own a 2002 Black TBird.
    I put a new Blue Tooth stereo in and I and I am trying to find a good phone mount that works for this car.
    Lots of options out there.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I always loved these cars and found one last year with 5k miles on it...like new. Great to see other people feel the same.
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