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2002 T Bird ball joint change out.

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by edward301, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Just as I thought, the 2002 Torch Red T Bird needs to have its suspension changed out
    due to ball joint covers cracking, and bushings falling into pieces. When I bought the
    car a week ago, I knew this, and had the price adjusted for this.

    The rear suspension all bushings, and ball joints are bad, the front surprisingly is in
    good condition except for the sway bar link. I ordered all the suspension parts, but
    may only change out the needed parts, and save other parts for later.

    To my surprise this red T Bird is in very very good condition, everything works, and car
    is pretty much flawless for a 2002 with 13,580 miles. This Torch Red Bird parked next
    to my Whisper White is quite a contrasting color. Here are a few photos of suspension,
    some of the suspension is oily due to me spraying oil on the parts to start freeing them up. Ball a.JPG Ball b.JPG Ball c.JPG Ball d.JPG
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  2. Obviously not a northern car. The various parts are extremely clean.
  3. Great photos ! They are always helpful in diognistics ,
  4. Good pictures for sure.
    It looks like the top of the sway bar link is rubbing on the emergency brake cable.
    My 2004 black and sand was, replaced all 4 with Moog "problem solvers", they are a tad shorter, fatter, and have
    grease fittings top and bottom.
    Tom J
  5. This car came from PA, think owner only drove on clear days.

    I will check the cables when I get in there.
  6. Bubblehog

    Bubblehog Active Member Gold Donor

    Thanks for the photos. My 2005 has ratty rubber ball joint covers, but the joints themselves and bushings are working fine for now at 43,000 miles. I plan to change them out too, but I live in Virginia and it's too cold to do that work in my little garage. I'm moving to Florida later this month though, to a 3-car garage and better weather!
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  7. Mach5

    Mach5 2004 Merlot Lifetime Donor

    Agreed - always appreciate the photos. I recommend a site search - there are a couple of really good threads here with lots of photos and info on this topic.
  8. Hope the job goes well. My 03 needs the same parts with 77000 miles. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the difference between 02 and late 03 and later rear lower control arm is. Other than most everyone wanting from $300 to $500 more for it.I have measured and even parked 03 next to an 02 can't see any diffence?
  9. Started replacement today on right rear, replaced all four parts, bottom control arm, top control arm,
    sway bar link, and steering link. All had bad rubber boots, but ball joints were still good, one or
    two had no grease, so would not last much longer. Here are a few photos. T new top.JPG T new side.JPG T old parts.JPG
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  10. Sunday was such a good day, sunny and warm, so finished the other three wheels. Car all
    done, ready to enjoy. Here is a photo of the front sway bar link. T bird front.JPG
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  11. Nice to see people like yourself conducting such work and sharing!
    I'm attaching a picture of the Moog "problem solver" sway bay link for kicks.
    Note that to see the rear link hitting the emergency brake cable the car had to be on the ground with the suspension loaded. (noise coming from rear sounded like a marble rolling around). IMG_1018.jpeg
    Dealer and local repair shop could not find noise as car was inspected in the air (suspension unloaded).
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  12. I was considering that job last month, drag the tools out and get to getting. Piss the neighbor hood nontiors off. Got a good deal from a garage shop so reconsidered. My total bill was $$1,500. A turn key job. Darned car had not been on the road two days and the same place I bought most of the parts from ran a 45% sale on the same items as a kit.
    Looks like you did a sweet job. Thanks for sharing
  13. I was just quoted $3500 for all new Ford parts and installation from a local NY repair shop. Next I’m going to Ford for a quote. Anyone know any NY shops?

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