2002 Neiman-Was mine the 1st????

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That's a little better.
Do you have a specific date for August? There was a report of one running around in Detroit, Michigan during the Woodward Dream Cruise but no one on this board has claimed it's theirs. A number were shipped out in August only to be recalled before being delivered to their owners.

The Woodward Dream Cruise car was the first reported sighting of one outside of the plant.

according to Jodrod's data,
098 was delivered to Georgia on 08/14
042 was delivered to Idaho on 08/20
tbird II,
You missed the discussions on that on the BON. The first 25 cars belonged to Ford Motor Company (exec cars) & could be any color except NM. The Neimans start with #'s 0025 thru 0225. Jodrod has been able to account for both the first and the last NM on the data site.

They may or may not have been built sequentially as near as we can figure but were built in batch's of 10 NM's along with the other colors over a period of 2 to 3 months. From what we could gather at the time, they really didn't start on the NM's until late June or mid July - after they had more practice in putting these Thunderbirds thru the production line. Wixompooh might be able to fill in more details on them coming thru the paint dept.
I believe the first NM car was 00026 rather than 00025. Also, 00098 was not delivered in Georgia until September. It was sold immediately and shipped to Maryland.
I work with the guy with the NM who was running around the Dreamcruise in August. His VIN is higher than mine (134) which was delivered September 25. I'm not sure exactly what his number is, I want to say it's in the 170s.

Pretty weird that 2 of the 200 are owned by people working in the same office. It's a big office, but still pretty ironic.
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