2002 interior trim on the windshield

Hi All,

I have a problem I can't figure out. The top piece of plastic on my interior window appears to be broken somehow. It's hanging and not connecting when I try to push it up. I was wondering if anyone has pulled out the pillar and top plastic around their windshield and how they did it. Also wondering if there are replacement parts for this. I really appreciate all that goes on in this forum..

That's the center header, the picture is dark, but I think I can see a clip on the left, is there one on the otherside too?

Also, you can replace that panel with a homelink header that has a built in garage door opener and much improved lighting. I have both new NOS and used ones for sale. By far the best upgrade I've done to my car
Thanks. The clips on the sides work. It's that long skinny one near the middle on the right. There's no clip on that and it won't catch on anything. It just droops when I connect the two outside clips.