2002 Gear shifter won’t disengage out of park

Has anyone had this happen? Sometimes it takes several times stepping on the brake pedal to get the gear selector to move. I’m afraid to drive the car now as it may strand me somewhere. I’m hoping it might be the switch on the brake pedal instead of the part connected to the ignition switch. Can anyone help? Thanks, JT


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I've had that problem only twice. Both times I was parked on an incline. Not sure if that was the cause but I make sure not to do that anymore.
Its probably the break light switch. Its located behind the break pedal. When it goes the car will not shift out of park. I replaced mine about a year ago. It's not difficult just get your yoga moves ready as it's not the easiest thing to reach. I ordered on Amazon. Motorcraft SW5474 Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0011DU8D4/?tag=thunderbirdforum-20
Could also be the brake light bulb or fuse. That happened to me on my Ford truck. New fuse and all was well