2002 Ford Thunderbird - Engine won't start


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I assume you replaced the starter as a result of the car not starting and it didn't resolve the problem?

The Fuel pump is often the culprit of no starts too.

My 2002 thunderbird has power but the fuel pump isn't getting any this started after I did some work to the inside and accidentally set off the security codes any idea's how to fix this? I don't want to take it to the dealership I have all the tools


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Check your fuel pump reset switch on the left panel of the drivers foot well. Then check
fuse 17 ( I believe ) in the trunk fuse box.

Thank you Edward! I drove mine a month ago and all was fine... This week I went to drive it and it just coughed and refused to start. Visions of a flatbed truck and a huge repair bill flashed thru my mind. I saw your post and sure enough it was fuse #17.

Thanks again for your timely post!