2002-2005 Thunderbird Engine Shroud Cover Removal Instructions

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Pull it straight up, after unscrewing the two plastic screws on top
My cover has three snap points and no screws. It appears to have a pin pushed in the middle that expands the plug. The thrid location has a rubber plug. Very strange. I remember from years past that you do it wrong you break the fasteners.
The 2002 has the two pop rivet fasteners on the right side.. just push down on the center circle and it will release them.. try to hold your fingers over them for the next step.. Step 2 is just grab the cover and pull up.. This holding the pop rivet help.. They tend to go flying when you pull up on the cover.. The cover has a couple rubber fasteners that just releases when you pull up.. One is hidden under the cover on the rear left while the other one is visible on the front left.. See photos above..
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Thank you very much for your directions. I just went out and used your technique and it worked like you described. Yes one of the rivets jumped up and fell to the ground. Luckily it did not hide somewhere. The reason I was going to remove the cover was I smelled oil burning when I took it out after it's winter sleep. I see now there is an oil film on the driver's side cam cover. It is not leaking down the side of the block. It almost looks like condensation dampness. I guess I will wash the engine when it gets warm again since It has gone from 80 degrees to 27 tonight. I wonder if it could be a PCV valve stuck. It is especially oily around the filler tube. Thanks again for your advise and help. It was much appreciated.
Birdowner, Glad it worked for you.. I have lost one or two of those rivets to the black hole of my garage..I get a tiny bit of oil weeping at the base of the oil filler tube also.. I just clean it off the valve cover with a rag/paper towel every so often. Mine is very minimal at this time..
While my 2004 Thunderbird was being serviced at my local Ford Dealer, the fasteners to my engine cover or shroud got "mislaid". Stolen is more likely. Can anybody help find replacements? The fasteners have internal threads like a nut. They're a little smaller than a half dollar and have a raised "x" on top. I would be grateful for any assistance in finding replacements.