2002-2005 Thunderbird Convertible Top Pivot Arm


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I am looking for just the "J" hook. my left side is bent and won't screw down all the way, thus not sealing the top completely. Any ideas where I can locate one?
Un screw yours and take it to a good hardware store and ask them to straighten it. Any one with a vice can do it. or send it to me and I will do it for you.
sometimes the threads have to by cleaned add 5 minutes. You may want to paint thinly afterwards as the process may scratch paint. cheers
Only have J hook on driver side (will close with manual help) passenger side missing. Can you drive the car with one hook holding the top down?
Yes you can drive with one hook...but don't go over 30mph. I've got a feeling your top is NOT seated correctly. I had to readjust the release
and lock handles behind the seats. But I still wouldn't advise driving above 30.
It took me about 2.5 hours to finally get the install of the new arm done and even at that length of time I could not get the flex pin situated correctly where it would work without me assisting it. But, it does work. You may want to put some type poly coating on it as mine is showing signs of rust already.
Where you able to get the whole clamp assembly out. I have the clamp assembly but can not figure out how to get at in??