2000 miles -- Austin to Boston

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Next Friday I am leaving to go to Boston. I will be driving my blue bird 2000 miles in four days. The trip will take me from Austin through Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnati, Akron, Scranton, Hartford, and into Boston. I will be working in Boston for three weeks on a marketing promotion for a new digital film development process. Details on that are at: http://www.asf.com/events/CVS.shtml
Once my work duty is completed, my wife will join me and we will go back home by way of Niagara Falls. So if anyone on here sees a blue bird with Texas plates far from home, you'll know it is probably me. Wave at me and I will give you thumbs up.

Kokomo (Triple Blue Premium)

Sounds like a great trip. Let me tell you about Interstate 40 in Arkansas, though. Came thru there recently in my bird and it is in terrible shape. Arkansas is trying to repair many miles of that road from east to west (and back again). It is actually dangerous, I believe.

My wife and I are traveling from Fayetteville, Ark to Nashville later this week. We would normally drive I-40. Instead, we are going to travel into Missouri and go east across Missouri (mostly hiway 60). It is mostly 4-lane, though not Interstate. We will go into Tennessee at Dyersburg, TN, then down to Jackson, TN and on to Nashville on I-40. To us, this is much more pleasant than I-40 in Arkansas right now.

An alternate route we have taken from Dallas is east on I-20 to Mississippi and north on the Natchez trace. (From Austin, I guess I-10 would also be an option. Beatiful drive, Natchez Trace, though the speed limit might be frustrating (40 - 50 mph).

Whatever route you take, good luck on your trip.


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Arkansas is the orange barrel capitol of the world. i-30 and i-40 are busy with repairs and repaving. there are delays, and in some cases stopages. they say this will go thru 2003. 02tbird.
Thanks for the advice. I checked for alternate routes to Memphis and I would be adding 80 or more miles to the first day. I locked in a bargain rate at a Memphis hotel but I can't cancel it without paying anyway. I will be passing through Nashville on Saturday morning. Enjoy your trip there.
I'm in Blue Ash, Ohio this morning, on schedule. Somebody warned me about Road construction in Arkansas. It was worse there than any where else so far, but I found it in every state so far. Yes, Ark was the worst in that there are numerous areas of work, but the problem is not unique.

Lots of questions, stares, and thumbs up so far along the way. Still after two days and over 1200 miles, I haven't spotted another new bird.


JimmyFritz, I would imagine once you make it to Hartford you'll take I-84 up to the Mass Pike (I-90) and then a straight shot to Boston. Just one note, there is some repaving along I-84 once you get out of Hartford. They are keeping the roads fairly clean, just be careful for loose pavement along the way. Perhaps I'll see your Blue Bird as I'm driving my Blue Bird. I'll be sure to look for you!! Good Luck.

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Kokomo gets a well deserved rest tomorrow as I will be taking a train to downtown Boston to go to work. She made it all the way here with only some water spots and a few bugs in her teeth.

I saw two bird brothers in Ohio on Sunday. The first one was red, top down, and as he passed me near downtown Columbus, we gave each other thumbs up. A couple of hours later, I passed a white one going south on I71. He had his top down, but I don't think he saw me. Didn't see any more birds today but I did see a Mini Cooper here in Boston. First one of those I've seen anywhere.

Pennsylvania takes the honors for the worst road construction problems. There were four places on I80 where traffic stopped and then crawled for miles before reducing to one lane. It took about 90 minutes longer than I expected to get to Bloomsburg on Sunday.

It was a pleasure to be able to make a trip like this in a touring car. I only had a little rain in Arkansas on Friday, none since. The scenery was amazing and driving across America like this gives you a special appreciation for our "purple mountains majesty"... etc.

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Blue Heaven:

Didn't see you or Dino while passing through CT today. For the record, the most beatiful views along the trip were in New York and Connecticut.

Glad to hear you and Kokomo made it safely! I was actually scanning the roads this morning on my way to work looking for a fellow blue bird (I'm on RT. 84 for a short distance). I agree, I've lived in the Northeast all my life (done traveling elsewhere, my parents are in New Mexico and my brother lives in Texas) but some of the greatest landscape is right here. The fall is amazing when the foliage starts to turn. I'm looking forward to making a trip to Vermont or New Hampshire with the top down to take in all that color. Have a great time while your in Boston, there is plenty to do! And have a safe trip back to Austin.

Blue Heaven
(By the way, I am Dino!)
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