2 year Ordeal is over

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One of the first things did when got home
was ckeck thd fluids. I wasn't with the
car 100% of the time but I never saw it
go into the service section of the dealer.

They evidently drop the cars off about a
block away from the main building. They do
have a building there so it could have had
some inspections other than the state
required. The porter that took the paper
off drove it over to where we were. The
salesman was very upset, he wanted us
to go over to the other location so he
could go over the car.

As it turn out we were on the main street
corner with cars slowing to look, other
cars cutting around them pissed off. Mother
just wanted out of there before she got

The scratch on the driver door looks like
a strap or something with a metal end may
have slapped up against it.

Not going to say a thing to the salesman
because no way are we going to allow a
door repaint, its just not that bad.
Friends have said too much about the body
shop, oh noooooooooo

She did sign a paper ? delivery condition
even through we did not have them wash or
wax the car. (I Zainoed it yesterday). This
may released them for some responsibility
who knows. The way they slapped paperwork
in front of you, good luck on trying to read
through it.

This weekend will check the tires like
Jimmy mentioned. Got the clock and climate
controls set for her. The car sure does
lack a lot of the LS's features. The trunk
is full of stuff have to figure out next.

Does the car come with wheel locks or do
I have locate them and install ???

Would be nice if expanded. In the 60's
and 70's this style of dealership was fine.

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Mine came with wheel locks. The key should be with the lug wrench in the trunk. You can order spare keys and locks.

Jimmy - We haven't made it that far back
yet (the trunk) to see what is under all
that stuff. When check the tires will
look for the accessories.
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