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1977-1978 dash lights dim

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by ACinTN, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. So, I've replaced my factory bulbs - and, my dash lights are still dim.

    I like the "green" look - and, I'm concerned that putting 194 LED bulbs x ever how many it is may cause the color look not to be right.

    I just can't see anything. I 'can" - but, it's not easy.

  2. I installed LED lights in my 1979 Bird because I drive it everyday, frequently at night. I have the deluxe sports dash that normally comes with the Heritage Edition and Towne Landau. The LED lights made a world of difference in terms of visibility at night, but retained the factory "look." So, I recommend any variation of LED lights. Go for it!
  3. chgordon

    chgordon New Member Gold Donor

    I have noticed the same issue. Glad I found this post - I will try LED bulbs to brighten my dash lights :)
  4. I even did that on my 68. Great difference and much more beautiful.
  5. You can also try a higher amperage alternator. Would help making the lights brighter. I too ma interested in replacing my lights on my 69 with LED, but right not I just won't because it will screw everything up with the sequencer.
  6. I only did the dash lights with LED. Turned out very nice. Even the dimmer worked with them. The rear lights....if your system works, you better not touch it.
    Of course there is a conversion kit on the market with brighter LEDs, but expensive
  7. Changing the markers will mess with the sequencer. I think they are all connected. I'll have to look at the wiring diagrams (I have the original ones from Ford), but I think its all together and will mess up your sequencer if you did. Though I would recommend replacing the sequencer with a modern solid state one. There are a few available for like $150 to work with LED's
  8. Yes, I know, but all together with these 8 bright LEDs calculate about 320.00 for all. I guess I will stay with my original bulbs. They are not to bad.
  9. True its costly, but with that cost you get much less heat, power consumption and longer life. As with any modification/conversion it is usually how much do you want to spent vs is it really worth it for you.
  10. While on the subject, I installed what LEDs in my dash that I could reach. I couldn't pull my instrument cluster out more than an inch, except for the clock. I couldn't see well enough to disconnect it. Any advice on how to access it better?

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