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1971 429 how to change alternator belt

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by nate1223, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Do I have to remove fan and pulleys? There seems to be limited tolerance between crank pulley and accessory pulleys to the point I can't squeeze the belt between. Looks llike previous owner tried as the belt is shredded.
  2. Not sure. My alternator is two belts and it slips off with no effort. You can also take off the alternator if you need to. It’s not really that hard
  3. getting it over the alternator is no issue. it's getting the belt past the very small clearance between the crank pulley and the accessory pulleys
  4. I change my belts on my 68 - 429 with AC within 20 minutes....funny that it is so difficult on the 71... wish you luck !
  5. Yeah. My A/C has long since been removed so its pretty simple to take it off now. Guess with the the extra pulleys its a bit of a PITA.
  6. A/C is a must have here in Spain. In the summer time we get temperatures up to a 100 ...
  7. Never ever needed A/C in my life. And that's even in 90+ degree weather. Windows down and driving is all I ever needed.
  8. I prefer this too, but sometimes its just to much heat.....also I like things in working condition
  9. eh... whatever works. I myself plan to hot rod mine. So gotta get rid of all that shit that takes power.
  10. It usually runs around the crank shaft pulley, straight up around and over the top of the water pump pulley and around the alternator pulley. Take the tensioner bolt out to give you more clearance . Then put it back in when you pull the alternator back with a pry bar. It's not like a serentine belt that zig zags around every which way. straight shot
  11. if it looks like this 429. you'll probably have to loosen the power steering pump bolts to get it around the tension-er pulley. See the nut on the very end of the steering pump bracket on the right of picture? There's a nut behind the bracket also. Unloosen the inner nut and back it off . Unloosen the top bolt & bottom bolt with the slot in it to move the steering pump pulley.Tighten up the nut on the outside of bracket to put tension back on the belt. Top black pulley on top of picture is an idler pulley with adjusting nut on the back of it. Put a 1/2 inch ratchet or breaker bar into the slot on the front to tighten the belt back up. If it's the pulleys between the water pump and crankshaft it might be a snug fit but it should go. If not just loosen the fan bolts just enough to let the pulley tilt just a bit to get the belt between them. GOOD LUCK. Keep me posted ford 429.jpg
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  12. Thanks for the guidance. It is a 429 and my issue is the clearance between the pulleys on the fan shaft and the pulley on the crank. I'm going to pull the fan and pulleys and go that route.
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  13. Just loosen up the bolts that go to the fan. You shouldn't have to take them all the way out. Just enough to swivel the pulley

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