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1969 Thunderbird 429 4v high idle

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by OneAmongOthers, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Hello all I just recently picked up a pretty nice 69 t-bird but my problem is that she just idles too high. Now for some information... First off the carb is not original. It's a holly 750. Or so the owner told me. Here is a short video of me running the car while doing a vacuum test on it.

    Skip to 1:05 for the actual test. Hopefully you can get some information off that. I can also send pictures of the carb if needed. I just want to get the car to idle correctly first before moving on to anything else.
  2. EDIT: Okay so apparently the carb is NOT a 750. It's a 600. Finally after some digging I have at least managed to dig that up.
  3. captrick

    captrick Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I noticed that the automatic choke stays on. The two wires on it is which allows the choke to drop down to an idle. One wire is to be grounded on the engine the other one should come from the ignition switch and supply power to the choke. You could tap off the ignition coil to get your power. You also have an idle adjustment on the bottom of choke mechanism it is a small screw which is hard to find. If you open the throttle fully you will see it next to the secondary part of the carburetor. Try those two ideas first. You might even have a vacuum leak. Good luck Rick.
  4. Ok so as I see it it looks like the ground is on the carb itself. I guess I should move that to somewhere on the engine right? I give that a go when this cold weather breaks. Currently its just so cold i can't really spend much time outside. Also i'll try to adjust the idle screw too.
  5. captrick

    captrick Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Make sure you have 12 volts from the ignition to the choke. There is also 3 screws on the side of the choke pot. Loosen them up and rotate the pot so that when the engine is up to operating temperature the choke flap in the throat of the carburetor is open fully. You might have to tap the pot with something to loosen it up. Try not to take it off completely because you will have to realign the spring with the choke mechanism. Good luck Rick.
  6. We always set the auto chock on fords for summer and winter, there should be two marks for summer and winter.

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