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1968 Thunderbird Landau Coupe right rear view mirror ?

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Excaliburss, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone ! Anybody knows if it is possible to purchase a right rear view mirror (original style) for my -68 ?
    Was it an option at the time ? Would love to have one as traffic is nowadays more intense....
    Fred from Spain 004.JPG

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  2. They were a dealer installed option. Very hard to find. There is a mounting bracket located inside the pass door. You may see it shining a light down the front of the door with the window down.
  3. Thanks for replies ! And yes....I have been looking in the net for a while for a mirror without any luck. I will keep on looking.
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  5. Thanks so much Russellbird ! The picture of this green -69 I also found a while ago. Maybe one day I will find one somewhere. I am into the thought to mount a rear view camera with a screen inside the center box above the ashtray, but I hate this modern stuff in a classic car........
  6. The mirror pictured is NOT a factory mirror. It would match the drivers side, but just a bit smaller head.
  7. I did order a rear view camera kit now with a 7 inch screen and wireless for easy installation. . The 7 inch screen will enter perfectly in the center console glove box. Will try to mount the camera as invisible as possible - hope this solves my trouble to back up into small parking spots and into my garage......
  8. Hi guys ! Merry Christmas to all ! The news is : I did get lucky and located an original FoMoCo 68 right side T-Bird passenger mirror !!!! Wow... I was lucky here. Got it in my hand yesterday and packed it up today to send it for a re-chrome to get it back to mint condition. I will post pictures when I get it on my car. Until now I never saw a picture nowhere on the www.net. Very rare piece.
  9. Back from the chrome shop and mounted on the car .....original 68 Ford Thunderbird passanger rear view mirror ! 003.JPG 003.JPG 007.JPG 005.JPG
  10. Nice! Now if only other people could get them.
  11. There is a guy who has one for 2K......... :)
  12. Yeah and you know where he can shove it.
  13. hahahahahaha - I gotch u

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