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1968 Front brake upgrade and rear disc conversion

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by jon774, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Looking to upgrade the front discs to a more powerful design ant to convert the rears to disc. Has anyone with a 67- 70 do this? Working on the hood scoop now! IMG_20190211_144830.jpg IMG_20190211_144843.jpg
  2. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Please include the model year of your car in the title when posting. I have added this for you. Thanks for posting.
  3. Nice project you got there. When I was ready to do my '73 two years ago, looked all over to change out my fronts too. Would have had to do some custom stuff ( very costly). Decided to go with modern slotted rotors, rebuilt the calipers and added real good pads. Went with Wilwood's disc and mini-drum for the parking brakes on the rear. Did not change out the master cylinder, booster and did not have to change out any brake lines. Extremely happy with the stopping results. Best of luck!:D
  5. Thanks for response! Did the new front slotted rotors come with bearings like the originals? Can't seem to find them for my 68.
    I've been looking at conversion kits for the rear, Wilwood looks like the best.
  6. What are your plans with this car really? Because if its just street driving why not just rebuild the original ones? They are more than capable of stopping the car just fine if you rebuild them. It's what I did on my 1969. As for converting over to rear disc? I'd expect it to be rather simple as the rear end is just a ford 9". Find something compatible with that and has your lug pattern. Hood scoop looks good, but did you know there is a possible option for a shaker style scoop to?
  7. I rebuilt the engine stroking it as well as putting in a larger intake, bigger carb. I haven't dinoed it but I'm probably pushing 500hp. I rebuild the C6 to handle the extra hp. I changed the rear end to a 3.89 ratio. I also closed in the c channel rear suspension adding a little weight.
    I want to put on wider tires. All these things makes the car preform better, but after rebuilding the brakes (and added new lines) the brakes feel inadequate.
    As for the shaker hood it looks cool, but my intake and carb choice forced me to fabricate my own.
  8. Don't think the rotors came with the bearings, but I did upgrade to some good American made bearings! At the time I went through the suspension completely replacing all the rubber bushings and upgraded to as many Moog parts that were available just to beef things up. Really did not have to do all the engine work you have done. Only had to change out the valve stem seals to stop that 60,000 mile 460 from smoking after the rebuilding the C6 tranny.
  9. Nice ride Jon. I just picked up a 67 TBird. Looking to upgrade brakes and convert drums to disc in the rear. how did your brake upgrade go?
  10. I have yet to do any brake upgrades. Winter is my car building season. I will update when I get back on it.

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