1964 Undercoating question


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Hello all,
I am back after taking some time after having some serious family issues. I am inching my way back to working on my 64. Here is my question. I am doing the rear leaf springs and am cleaning and painting as I go. I noticed that the undercoating comes off pretty easily and exposing metal that has some surface rust or just primer. I have been spraying rust converter on it after I good scrubbing with a wire brush. Should I continue to remove this undercoating - or should I leave it? I have heard that undercoating, especially what we spray out of cans today can cause car to HOLD moisture and defeat the purpose by acting as an incubator for rust...so my real question is - when I remove this flaking old undercoating, should I spray my rust converter and undercoat it with the coating in a can - or should I just paint it black - or - use truck bed liner coating?