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1964 Thunderbird Rear Suspension low

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by s1nemesis1s, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Hello All,

    I am looking at my car and trying to figure out where I want to invest money. The rear on it seems VERY low - I know they are low to the ground, but mine almost looks like it sagging. Is this a leaf spring issue? I have looked under the car and don't see anything obvious. I am sure the leaf springs are weak and I need new shocks, bought the shocks, just not put them on. Wondering if I should dive in and buy new leaf springs - what do you all think? Who has replaced theirs, is it doable at home - it seems like it would be straight forward...

    As you can see in the pictures at the trunk it measures a little over 28", move up towards the rear wheel it measures close to 30.5" from the ground. Normal or not?
    Rear.jpg MVIMG_20190715_142609.jpg IMG_20190813_212010.jpg IMG_20190813_212023.jpg
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  2. I've heard all sorts of things like "re-arch the springs." Maybe this can be done, I don't know. However the day came recently when I replaced the springs and shocks with new ones. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I might add that both rear axles were slightly bent, and replacing them was part of the job. So there was a wobble, albeit slight. But I'll tell you; new axles, new springs, new shocks, I could feel the improvement before I even left the parking lot! I don't recall the difference in cost between new and re-arched, but getting those new ones was one of the better investments I've made with this beast. I bought mine at a T-Bird parts house (Macs? I really don't remember). There's a local "spring" shop that might have made some for me -- and again, I don't know how the price compares. But I'm sure not complaining about the new ones. Car has a great stance and a great ride.

    BTW, your car is Diamond Blue. mine was this color from the factory, and I have a spare fender skirt that's that color. But when I bought it, it had been repainted an incorrect medium blue. I changed it to Caspian Blue Metallic (dark blue).
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  3. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Hey Don

    Agree with Gary, it's a good idea to replace the front coil springs and rear leaf springs. After all, after this many years, we're sagging a bit too, right? After that's done, you can properly align the beast and the headlights might even point where they're supposed to.

    I have three other Fords and it's the same story with all of them. It's just the age of these springs that brings them down, not because they're Ford springs.

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  4. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Sorry, Gary and Doug,
    I meant to respond earlier but got caught up in my brother's meeting for caretaking.

    Anywho - I am more than willing to buy new springs, just wondering if its a job best left to experts, or is this a - careful - DIY job? I have lots of new tools, so I am willing, just don't want a spring to smack my face off - from watching videos it almost seems like they are like changing shocks but with the car jacked way up lol - cannot be that easy.

    Any good leaf spring sets you guys recommend? I really want to replace all the hardware I can so looking for sources on all that.

    Front coils will probably get done with the front end rebuild -- next summer - better get a good life insurance policy next May lol.

    I love the color of my car - however, I wanted to paint it Persian Sand or something like that when I do paint it in memory of my mother - her middle name was Rose and that is pretty close. But my interior is all blue, not sure if it would look right. I might just repaint original with a little flake in it and but a few rose graphics on it - I have some time (probably years) to think on it.
  5. 64ZCODE

    64ZCODE Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Hi Don. I think replacing the coil springs is a job that requires the right tools. Rear leaf springs, I think you can do yourself. but why not start with replacing the shocks? I think you'll see a lot of improvement if you do that.

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  6. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    You are right Doug, I think I will do that and see how it does. I appreciate the advice everyone. I will let you all know how it goes with the shocks. :)
  7. The shock absorbers are designed to absorb and dampen the shock impulses. So replacing only the shock absorbers will not increase the height of the rear suspension.

    1955 Thunderbird Blue
  8. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    I went online and bought stuff from Larry's and the bird nest to do the project. The bird nest has a nice kit, but I was able to get new everything for around 751 by piecing it all together myself - including new o-ring for the filler neck and the pad that goes around it. I hope these with the shocks it will help the rear, it just seems to sag so low. I won't have time or funds to rebuild the front end til next year. Plus, I need to prove I can put this stuff on without killing myself. Not sure where to start with the leaf springs but I will work it all out - I am sure I will have questions lol.

    It occurs to me...I have put some cash into this car lol - I guess I better like it. @fordrodsteven I bought the relay and fuse kit you showed me on eBay - it came shipped from China, got it last night. I must say, quality looks good. I should have listened to you and bought that instead of the "painless," unit, but here we are. :)

  9. Do you have a link for the relay and fuse kit?
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  10. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor



    It is on sale now!!! Grab a couple lol.
    It will take a while to get, and I would use some high quality fuses. The included one are okay, but they just look a little cheap. Otherwise it is a great unit and you can wire it to be constant or switched or both - heck you could order two and put all the accessories you want on the car. It is pretty water resistant too! Has a nice case. Just the case and the terminals are worth the price. Again, it will take 2-3 weeks to get because it is coming from China, but it is a better option than the painless box which is almost 100 bones.

    Let me know if you have an issues with the link, doing this post from my phone.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019 at 1:48 PM

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