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1964 Thunderbird Fuel Tank Filler Tube

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by s1nemesis1s, Aug 15, 2019 at 10:17 PM.

  1. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    Hello All,

    So, while I wait for some parts and plan things out for my electrical system - I thought I would address a problem that probably needs to be really done next.

    When I took my Tbird out for the first time - First stop was the gas station - LOL

    I filled it up, bantered with a guy about the car, and drove off. When I came down the street I noticed a thin line behind me....hmm..Backed into the garage and smelled gas like crazy - lol - if someone would have lit my trail "boom" nemesis gone.

    So, I went to the back of the tank - tank is "new," great! I looked up at the filler neck, not new and gas is leaking out from around it!! I am assuming there is an oring kit I need? I assume that when they installed the new tank, they did not use a new or "any" oring. I would not be surprised, dude/or dudette was more amateur than I...that is saying alot lol. It stopped leaking when it got below the filler neck level, and I have just ignored it for now.

    I did a gas tank replacement on my 66 about 15 years ago before I sold it - all I remember is that I had the car jacked up VERY high and that the tube sorta spun in?

    Looking for suggestions of what I might need for the repair - a kit or parts - and does the filler tube just unbolt and spin out? To stop this danger - right now the plan is to just not fill the tank all up lol.
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  2. If it is the same as a 1965, and I assume it is, the filler tube stabs into the tank, and there is an oring. The screws for the tube are where the filler door is. I think I took the filler door off, removed a few screws and pulled the tube out.

    Getting the tube in with the oring in the right place was tricky.

    I would pull the tube out and inspect the oring and tube initially.

    Best of luck.

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