1963 Thunderbird Convertible Valuation

Hi Y'all.

I'm unsure about the pricing of these lately. Seem to be all over the place to me.

If someone can drop knowledge that would be great.

What do you guys think of this one and it's price of 29,990? Equipped with power steering, power brakes, power windows and excellent working power top. Many recently replaced parts including a new water pump, radiator, heater core, ball joints, bushings and brake hardware

I'm looking to place a deposit but would love some thoughts.
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I wouldn't buy it just based upon the fact it says it has a working power top and it doesn't appear to be working properly & they stopped the video before it could show the top works, which makes no sense considering they are trying to sell something for 30 grand. This car is in Wisconsin, USA, where are you located?

This is how the top should work:

Also a couple negative Google Reviews:
"My dad purchased a 1970 Dodge Challenger from here and was completely lied to with the purchase. My dad drove the car home (over 3 hours) to find out from a trustworthy mechanic by our home that the vehicle was unsafe to drive and had major safety and mechanical issues that will cost my dad thousands of dollars after the vehicle purchase. Before my dad purchased the car and before driving it home, the owner advised that the vehicle was in great condition, no updates needed and most importantly said it was safe to drive home. I would not trust this dealership if I were you."

"I bought a classic 1990 Jeep Wrangler online from Kuyoth’s that I had shipped to Hawaii. After getting it registered my mechanic discovered several issues with the engine that needed immediate repair. I knew I bought this Jeep “as is” but when I told Keith about it, he agreed to reimburse me for the additional cost, even though he wasn’t required to. Needless to say I was glad I was working with a reputable dealer like Kuyoth’s and would highly recommend them based on how they responded to my issue.
Thanks for the reply, I did ask them if the top did work, they replied yes and that the battery died on the phone while it was happening.

Assuming that they are telling the truth, is the value of it worthwhile, or what would you think one would pay for one in this condition? Prices seem all over the place to me between $17-50k and some $40k priced ones look the same as the $25k ones, very confusion, particularly when dealers are doubling the value for the same sort of car.


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I did ask them if the top did work, they replied yes and that the battery died on the phone while it was happening.
Makes no sense, even if true, what serious business owner tries to sell a 30k car using a video where the battery dies during filming and doesn't just reshoot the video? At the very least lazy. So many red flags, combined with negative reviews.

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I would pass on that one. Prices are largely dependant on local markets with these cars. You may want to go to Bring A Trailer auctions and start watching the birds that come up. 30K will get an excellent car that should have no problems. Good luck on your search.