1957 conversion to electric (1 Viewer)

If fossil fuels are available gasoline will be manufactured if the demand is there
Simple facts
Fossil fuel is needed to manufacture electricity
the range of current production models are close but don’t match current gasoline cars
As said the availability of recharging electric cars is limited right now
and takes too long to be agg
I personally think an electric Tbird is a kool idea and can be accomplished
I agree, supply and demand. The automobile industry is moving away from gasoline vehicles. As the demand decreases the supply will also. We are driving a vehicle with no pollution technology, a draft tube connected to the manifold. It could never meet any omissions testing. We are discussing various gas additives on this forum. No leaded gas anymore. Only ethanol at the gas pumps. The Amish still drive horse and buggy here but the L A freeway would be knee deep in manure if we all did.
Gasoline will be available, but at what cost?

My Son's Tesla 3 can be charged to 80% capacity in 10 minutes and has a range of 250 miles. I bet there aren't many owners who frequently drive their Tbirds more than 250 miles in a day.
Part of the pleasure of driving our Tbirds is the sound it makes while excellerating or even idling.
The cost of a new Tesla far exceeds anything I would use as a daily driver
I understand the new technology is fantastic
I wouldn’t trade my bird for any new car electric or petro
There is no comparison
I plan on driving my Tbird coast to coast.
No one is telling anyone to covert their car to electric; but no one should say it can't/shouldn't be done.

An EV would be a very practical daily driver for me and mine. What's keeping me from buying one is the initial cost. If/when they're more affordable, I just might buy one. My Tbird was never meant to be a daily driver for my dad/me, and I prefer that my wife and adult children drive modern vehicles that have safety features that my Tbird will never have, whether it retains its ICE or is converted to electric.
I'm for the "all in' philosophy fossil, Solar, wind and especially the new generations of nuclear for electricity. It has changed the world as much as oil. But like pipe lines new transmission systems have to come first. Just don't make fossil fuels expensive to try to convince us to convert. Forced conversion to something that only the well off can afford will not work.
I have been thinking about this as well, although, I have an ‘03 at my disposal so not a Classic.

However, that also means any minor mistake will probably be less of a cardinal sin no? (haha)

Having stood watch over chassis marriage of EV’s for the past year or so, I can visualize this process while inspecting the vehicle and there are interesting challenges, such as the crisscross beam underneath (what is that?), and what are the assemblies beneath the chassis that can be removed without affecting the body, etc.

So, could be fun for my part but yes, wallet..