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I just bought a remote starter switch. The instructions state to attach one of the clips to the ignition side of the solenoid
and the other to the battery terminal of the solenoid. I understand where to place the first clip, but have no idea as to where '
the battery terminal of the solenoid is. Can I simply connect the second clip to a battery terminal and if so should it be to the negative side or to
the positive side?

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I'll assume that you are just trying to turn the motor over to adjust valves or check timing and not start the engine.
My '55 has 3 terminals on the solenoid, 2 large and one smaller one. You may have 4, two large and 2 smaller. In either case one of the large
terminals is connected to the battery and the other goes to the starter. You can find the "hot" one with a multimeter.
What that remote switch will do is create a "jumper" between the battery side of the solenoid and the smaller terminal which will energise the solenoid.
This will crank the motor (and start it if your ignition switch is turned on)
You can test which two terminal to connect using a short piece of wire from the large battery side to the smaller terminal.
Hope this helps.
On your '56... one clip-on lead for the remote start switch goes to Battery (+) power (the large bolt connection on the right side of this attached image) the other clip-on connection goes to the "S" terminal of the starter solenoid.
The same terminal as receives power from the 'start' position of the ignition key switch.


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Caution, the starter solenoid will also energize the ignition coil and the engine may start.
Have the transmission in Park & block the tires or disconnect the ignition coil, depending on your goal for cranking the engine.
Does the ignition key need to be turned to on?
No. You are bypassing the key. Unless you want to start it.
Thanks for all your help. You are going to love this. I had purchased a new battery, but despite that, I continued to have
electrical problems. So despite everything I bought and installed, I still had the problem. So, even though I thought it could not be the battery, I finally took it back to Auto Zone
for a test. Guess what ... that new battery was totally faulty. They gave me a new one and all my troubles were remedied.