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Nov 12, 2021
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Here’s my story. It took me 44 years living in the same place to finally build my polebarn and select the few cars I loved on this path to old age. It seems old age will get the better parts of me and all of the inspiration I had in rebuilding my ‘56 is fading ..as is my strength. So I have felt it best to sell the car and the large supply of parts I have amassed to prepare for the rebuild. I am listing it here before going “public”…I am not anxious to sell it but realize it’s best for me and whomever winds up with this car

it is a ‘56 with 312cu.in. Block with what shows as 107,000 miles. The car was being rebuilt over years by the previous owner and has power windows, both hard and soft tops. I have purchased the majority of parts from CASCO, Hills, and Larry’s. This car starts and runs well. I have put 3 miles on it in the last year. The spoked wheels are good looking when spinning but they are a little pitted with rust. Have all the spinners and 2 are new

I have every service manual, Holley manual, transmission manual, sealer manual, etc…
the paint on the car is fine for a daily driver but I had planned on re-painting it. The hard top paint is all checked from the cold? I have replaced the rear drums with new and also have the complete re-upholstery kit and seat foam although it really does not need it. There are multiple new wiring harnesses and a load of replacement parts listed on these attached invoices along with the CASCO front disc brake conversion with optional proportioning valve and new rear leaf springs, bushings, an the Ames water pump spacer, new AC fuel pump. I did rebuild the telescoping steering column and drivers side power window. Also a new door panel installed on the left side, right side in the plastic bag 405EBE72-D362-413F-94D6-D480DF15CD2D.jpegB2590BD6-BE12-47FB-AC2C-52E16FBCC456.jpeg2C67A341-F516-4B5E-84D4-E005B5808FD6.jpeg9EF01660-4C32-45D2-BBFD-1350E551267C.jpeg64B61D02-49D3-4088-B766-E300A9A37A7C.jpeg9B861281-FADD-4669-B150-9D79D3F2A022.jpegAC223B4D-3644-4084-9CED-3D404CD10B91.jpeg93D71C61-979D-41C8-B51F-4BBEDD7AF4FD.jpegBEE48084-36B8-4DD6-8F8B-738AA013B3AF.jpeg0DEBD616-1817-4F91-827A-8635070CBFA5.jpeg1DFEAAC3-728F-44BE-98AF-6A1C7CA86E82.jpegDC1DB1EC-7EE8-440F-B646-4437443D2204.jpegE5D39F38-4CBB-48F2-B507-CBBA773278F1.jpeg0DF7EE22-2570-4A58-AA1F-13DCFD7EF0DE.jpeg501EFF30-EDB5-47BD-8075-5930296D08AD.jpeg26531141-14B1-4075-9AAB-8A1189380F12.jpegAF0F1E26-D335-4DDA-82EC-94CB96125C3A.jpeg556F25AB-F520-457E-A176-5D9F352150DD.jpeg6C2477B3-3F33-4D5C-9737-A65CBB614494.jpeg5141D88C-9F56-42CC-A6B7-443BEA120651.jpeg

I paid $31000 and have over 7,000.00 in parts… asking $34k here and likely $37,000 outside

I can only attach 20 files so the remaining invoices are available to any prospective buyer

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Going thru a few more boxes and found a new complete set of steel brake lines, brand new air cleaner cover and a load of screws, nuts and bolts to use for the interior. Has all new steering column chrome parts and a new drivers side machined aluminum door panel section already installed

advertising it next week on several formats…