1956 manual seat pull

I have a 1956 Tbird and I took the bench seat out , it was not working. I got a new cable from CASCO took the tracks off to clean and lub them. The drivers side has the correct mechanism to fit the wire and adjust it but the passenger side just has a L shape plate with a 1/4" hole in it. I looked in the shop manual but could not find anything on the seat mechanism, also look at a number of the store with no luck. Does anyone know what is suppose to be on the passengers side? Thanks Jerry
I found a picture of the seat hardware at Hill and mine does look the same . I thought there sold be some hardware to connect the cable to the hole in the passenger side? Thanks for any input.
Tbird 19.jpg
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I haven't seen the end of the cable, Is it hooked to just slip into the release lever? If so the tension on the release lever spring should keep it in place. If you have to pull on it to drop in you should be good to go as everything else is working. Just make sure each catch is in the corresponding keeper so everything is symmetrical.
There is a double bend in the end that goes on the passenger side. Insert it perpendicular to the arm on the seat track and rotate it parallel to “lock” it in. The driver side has the hardware and screw to adjust the tension. Mine never has worked that well, I just leave it all the way back since the cockpit is tiny and I’m 6’2”.