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1955 FORD Thunderbird T-5 Conversion

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Bill Spencer, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. I have all items for the 1955 Tbird transmission conversion to a T5.
    My question is the rear transmission mount. My kit is from John Mummert and items assembled from mustangs. My concern is the TBird Frame cross member.
    Has anyone made this conversion.
    1955 FORD Thunderbird 292 Y block. Manual 3 speed.

  2. I'm in the process of completing a similar conversion without the use of a "kit".
    I managed to find a transmission mount in a junkyard that I'll modified to make work using the existing 4 mounting holes. Unfourtnately I dont have a clue what it's from but it has an appreciable "drop" to it which I think you'll find necessary.
    I can send pics if you wish or could fabricate one for you if you can't find one.

  3. ART. thanks. Yes send a picture. I was told that the early 1968-1990 Mustang rear mount will work. Just dont know if the cross member needs mod..
    Send it here or to cyberintel@verizon.net
  4. Art, i called it a Kit. BUT all i got was the adapter plate. Then assembled all other parts from other means. Also, i spoke with a TBird owner who had this conversion made. He said that the 1959-1964 Corvette drive shaft worked without any mod.
    I will try it with a different yoke setup.
  5. Bill, I havent tackeled the drive shaft yet as I dont have the motor and transmission in the car as yet.
    If you have the T5 yoke and the original driveshaft, having it modified to fit shouldnt be an issue.
  6. Art, thanks. It is easier mod with the engine out.
    I just finished a Wilwood disc brake upgrade. Since my car was a 55 with 6Vdc Pos ground, i chagged everything to a modern electrical configuration. Had to make a lot of metal work to add the alternator in a diffetent place and not where the old gen was mounted. My Disc upgrhade included a Master Break Booster mounted on the firewall.
    Here I had to make a adauter to off set the booster to get it away from the header.
    Many modsnto get it to todsys safe driving.
  7. Dale Leonard

    Dale Leonard Blown Valkyrie Rider Lifetime Donor

    I bought a 1955 t-bird in California in 2016 and it had a 312 with 2 four barrels and a Boss mustang 4 speed and a Boss mustang 411 rear end. This rear end has a bolt on overdrive unit on the front of the rear end. This gives me two gearshifts. It looks like it has the original cross member in place. I also got the original 3 speed overdrive tranny and the original rear end. I have the original drive shaft also. I also have the original really nice radio that could be bought. It has been wrapped in plastic for over 20 years if anyone is interested.
  8. I installed a T5 from a 1995 Mustang in my '56 using John Mummert's adaptor. I flipped the '56 transmission cross member and bolted the T5 mount to it. It appears to work but the car is not yet back on the road. Jim Yergin Trans mount 1.JPG Trans mount 2.JPG Trans mount 3.JPG Trans mount 3.JPG
  9. Jim: That is great. Thanks. Will look at my 55 transmission mount and see if I can do the same. This may be something that should be passed to John Mummert for his info.

  10. Jim:
    Did you grind 30thousands off the Tranny Input shaft. John's instructions say that that must be removed to prevent crank shaft and tranny input shaft having issues.
  11. Yes, I did.
  12. I had no problem with a rear trans mount ,,taking out and redoing a Borg warner 4 spd ,,be sure to make a proper driveshaft preferably new as mine needed lengthening,,mine was goobered previously and redoing everything that problem came up making it all proper,,

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