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04' Oem radio in a 02?

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by stretch, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. My cd player says error.tried pulling fuse disconnect battery,etc.dosent work.I see refurbished 04-05 stock units online but no 02's.the 04-05"s look upgraded fm the 02's as they have a aux function.has anybody done this upgrade?Looks like the same DIN size.Wondering if the plug-ins in the back are the same?
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  2. Quickdraw

    Quickdraw 2004 Member of the Year Lifetime Donor

    I'm pretty sure the 2002 wiring is different from the 04, 05, and maybe even different than the 03' - doesn't the 03 have Sirius radio with the SAT button? Call the people selling the 04-05 units and ask them about yours.
  3. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi, The error code sounds like there's a CD stuck and I had a similar problem with my 02, I took an old CD and slid it in and out a couple of times while pressing the reject button and it resolved. It's been working perfectly since and I use it every day. I'd try that first, another solution I saw was to disconnect the battery to clear the error.
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  4. I had the same problem with my 02... A disk got stuck and had the error code.. I tried the fuse and battery disconnect but to no avail. As from a past thread entry in the forum and as BBird discribed above, I grabbed an old or unburned cd and slid it into the slot while pressing the eject buttons and after the 2nd and third try it spit out the disk that gave the error.. This happened a couple three times to me over the course of a month which gave me the excuse to modernize the sound system with a double din pioneer with nav and Sirius.. Yes, twist my arm... I do appreciate the stock look but missed Sirius, except satellite antenna placement is problematic.. Far better sound with new speakers, able to play MP3 and wave files, love the nav, except the pioneer nav I feel isn't as good as the kenwood garmin based software..
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  5. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    In the event the old CD trick doesn't work you could always get an FM transmitter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and listen to music from your phone, they cost around $20 and are very easy to hook up.
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  6. thaanks to all .i think im gonna borrow my friends plastic prybar and grab a screwdriver and pull that that thing out and see whats goin on in there.i believe its jammed up with cd's, sometimes it says "cd full".but it swallowed the one i stuck in there today.theres a few vids on youtube about pulling the unit out and checking the cd sleeve mechanism.
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  7. i think i had one of those.i used it to tune a old portable sirius radio to my fm stereo in my old dodge.probably thru it out years ago.
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  8. just bought a fm transmitter with bluetooth usb mp3 on amazon.most of my old cd,s are on mp3, phone, and memory sticks anyway.if the sound quality is decent maybe i wont need to fix the changer after all.thx bbird!
  9. BBird

    BBird Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Your welcome! I found the sound quality to be very good, I can also answer a phone call with it.
    I would still give the CD trick a try, even though I have the transmitter I use the CD player too.
    Be careful with the transmitter that it doesn't draw on your battery after the car is shut off, if there's an on/off switch make sure it's set to off when the car isn't running. Good Luck!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  10. yeah,im still gonna work on that changer.i have a little cd discman that will work with this transmitter but its hard to operate when driving and it needs new batteries every 4 hrs.
  11. Just to clarify, I am quite sure the 03 does not have a Sirius\XM radio built in. That started in the 04 and 05 models.
  12. BTW does anyone know where they placed the antenna for Sirius radio in those years from the factory/dealer?
  13. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    WJ and Tbird 091516.JPG My 04 had an ugly antenna glued to the trunk lid. Gone now, after much elbow grease and solvents to remove the glue.
    Have no use for Sirius.
  14. Is that where the original dealer / factory mount was? It's tough with no roof..

    Yes, I think you or someone mentioned that back in June when I was installing mine.. I didn't really want it on the trunk lid and to top it off I understand the trunk lid is composite so you loose the metal enhancement effect to the antenna if the lid was metal.. Someone did mention they added metal plates under the trunk lid cut to fit between the ribbing of teh trunk lid and the antenna was sandwiched between the metal plates and the trunk lid.. That may have been the best way to go.. I ended up placing it in the middle of the dash right near the windshield all the way forward.. It works fairly good unless your are in a wooded area.. But in situations like that, even our Frontier and Focus with factory Sirius XM antennas have drop out problems, just not as much.. BTW pretty car JW.. Thanks for the info..
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  15. My 2002 Thunderbird has terrible radio reception.Had Ford garage check it out and they said nothing can be done. would like to add XM but don’t want an auxiliary tuner mounted anywhere that can be seen. And I also would like to use existing radio. What have any of you done? Thanks in advance for input!
  16. I upgraded my 2004 with the factory Sirius unit. In and out was about 1/2 labor. Ten minutes to take radio out, ten minutes to put radio back, and ten minutes to make up my mind where I wanted things to go. The Visteon tuner sits between the seats under the console. The box for the steering wheels controls sit under the console by the shifter. The antenna sit inside the dash on top of the radio. Nothing shows and all you do is hit the SAT button for Sirius. I did this after an aftermarket installer told me it couldn't be done, and that I needed new units and wiring to the tune of 1200. Cost me 360 for parts. The only thing you have to watch for is the color of the plugs. They are grey or black. Just order the wiring harness with the right plug color.
  17. JW in Dixie

    JW in Dixie Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Thanks, Steve, and you're welcome.

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