02 TBird Hats

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I have a ball cap which I purchased from the Ford site. The hat I have is shaped like a beanie.... round on top. Does anyone know where I might buy a more traditional square shaped 02 Bird ball cap?

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I seem to recall 2 caps on the Ford site for the Tbird. Which did you get, the $14 or $17 cap? It looked liked $14 was more rounded, but maybe the other one is rounded also.

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I'm in the Promotional Products business and I'm sorry to tell you that the type of cap that I think you are looking for will likely not be available because it is not considered fashionable. It's all about fashion in the Imprinted Sportswear market these days and the rounded, unstructured caps are what's "in" now. In the right quantity, however, I could make something up for you.

How about those T-bird Key rings? Can you get a hold of them? Maybe you could offer them for us Forum members? Or for club members? How many members would you need to make it viable?
Anything can be done, however the potential problem is trademark infringement with Ford. I would be reluctant to produce any item without their written permission. I am working on something that I will be pitching to Ford soon that I think will interest all of you. I'll post more on that when I can. Items for the T-Bird Clubs could be a different story. That, I would be happy to discuss.

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