'02 TB: Removing the Front Plate Holder

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What will the front look like if I remove the 'black box' license plate holder? I just bought the 02 TB and living in VA, I let the dealer talk me into putting it on. Reading the postings here, I think I would like to chance having no plate on the front. How does it come off? Can I do it? Should I have the dealer do it?
Are there any aftermarket 'chrome-boxes'? Or brackets that would allow a frame-direct-to-bumper installation?

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You can take off the plate yourself. Two self threading screws into the plastic frame. Once the plate is off you will see two self threading screws holding the bracket on. Undo those and that's all there is to it.
All of these screws are hex heads with slots so you can use a small socket or screw driver.
Once off all you will see are two holes in the bumper. If your state has no restriction on two plates you would have to put in two platiic hole plugs. Once you see it you may elect to leave it on.
Good Luck!
Interesting that your dealer encouraged you to add the plate holder even though your state doesn't require it. We bought our bird in Fl. and registered it there since we spend more than half the year in Fl. We were considering having a plate holder added, so that we could use a decorative chrome plate cover. We thought it might give a bit of protection to the front bumper.

We have not done so yet, because we bought a T-bird logo "bra" from Ford and it fits so tightly that we don't think it would cover the front plate. Has anyone else used the Ford T-bird cover over a front licence plate? We thought there it would have a removable velcro panel for those states requiring 2 plates but it didn't.
I have the Ford front end cover and they claim that the dealer will help you cut it out for the front plate.
My dealer had never cut one so I decided that it should not be cut. I cannot see how it would not flap around after it was cut.
Now I run with a plate when it's off and no plate when it's on. I may change when I get my first ticket.
I will then consider putting two screw holes in it and change plates everytime I put it on/off. That way, I will be able to look at what others may have done when there's a T-Bird gathering sometime in the future.
I too live in Virginia, but purchased my car from a Ford dealer friend in Mississippi, where they do not require front license plates. He was actually hesitant to put a front plate on (like it would almost cause him pain to put holes in the front bumper!), so I carry around my front plate in the trunk. Yes, it is a violation of Virginia law, but, I have to agree with my friend that this car is too beautiful to punch holes in the front bumper. If anyone can advise me how to attach a front license plate without disfiguring the car, that advice would be greatly appreciated!
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