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02-05 Trailer Hitch

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by wthigpen, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Ok folks, I read all the posts about trailer hitches for 02-05 retro birds. Problem is, I can't find a hitch anywhere. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  2. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

  3. Thanks. I've seen all that. No luck finding that hitch.....yet. Was hoping a member might have one for sale.
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  4. cobrajeff

    cobrajeff Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I sold my retro 'Bird about five years ago (with my custom hitch on it). I just bought another 2002 T'Bird, and need to install a hitch on it. Haven't had any luck finding a 24705 hitch - if anyone has any idea where to get one (new or used) I'd love to hear about it. Some have suggested a Lincoln LS hitch will work - I bought one off e-Bay, but, so far, it does not appear to fit as well as the T'Bird specific model. The LS hitch is load rated higher than the T'Bird hitch (3500# vs. 2000#) so the main crossbar of the hitch is thicker, which means it will not tuck under the rear valance like the T'Bird model. I am working to convert this hitch to a completely hidden installation like I did with my old one, but, starting with the 12253 Curt LS hitch has made more modifications necessary.

  5. I just installed the curt Lincoln LS hitch on my 02 Thunderbird and it fits fine and the only thing exposed is the receiver box
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  6. tbird

    tbird Super Moderator Staff Member

    Where did you buy it? @ cdf
  7. Thanks for the reply. Did you have to do any modifications? Warren
  8. I cannot find the part of this site where you post a new thread. Help?
  9. I bought the hitch from northern tool and the only modification was to cut a small 3" notch in the bottom of the bumper cover and it's not noticeable unless you lay on the ground to look at it. I'll try to post a pic of it to show how it looks.
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  10. You have to log in. Then you can just reply. Or post new thread is in red box at top of page.
    Pics would be great. Thanks so much. Warren
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  11. I think I am logged in. My name is at the top. But there is no red box that I can find.....
  12. Go down to 02-05 thunderbirds under forums. Click on it . Red box should be on new page.
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  13. Thank you! Now if I can just remember.....
  14. IMG_2223.JPG IMG_2222.JPG IMG_2226 2.PNG
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  15. The RV Plug Is The Most Noticeable Part When Standing Behind The Car
  16. cobrajeff

    cobrajeff Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I have finished the install of a Lincoln LS hitch on my second 2002 T'Bird (probably should not have sold the first one). The LS hitch is a bit more substantial than the T'Bird hitch, and I made some modifications to it to make it fit better. I also made the receiver box removable (like I did on my old one) to make the hitch even more unnoticeable.

    Attached Files:

  17. Hi I need one myself.

    What year LS hitch should I order? any other particulars (model of LS etc)?

  18. cobrajeff

    cobrajeff Active Member Lifetime Donor

    From what I have seen, the LS hitches fit 2000-2006 Lincoln LS, and no specific model is required. Part numbers I have seen for the LS hitch are: 36282 for Draw-Tite and U-Haul; 12253 for Curt; and 06393 for Reese.

    IMG_4862 m (Large).jpg IMG_4864 m (Large).jpg
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  19. Thanks, ordered a curt 12253 for $129

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