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02 - 05 Fuel Blending - Octane Boosting, and Fuel System Cleaning

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by SeanPwnery, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. So, like many of you, you probably watch a few channels out on YouTube - especially if you're a car person or handy with a set of tools.

    I've seen several engine builders use a little trick that's piqued my interest - boosting the fuel octane slightly, and also cleaning the fuel system to boot. In essence, what they're doing is running 91 or 93 octane fuel, but will blend in half a gallon to a gallon of E85 as well. E85 generally has an octane rating of 105 and the higher methanol content also runs an engine slightly cooler, and has a solvent-like effect on the fuel system.

    I'm aware our cars aren't equipped to run a full tank of E85 (it would probably harm the fuel system if you did) - however, I'm curious if a blend of half a gallon mixed in with a full tank of 91 or 93 would act like a can or two of Seafoam in the system. Has anyone tried this? If you have - what was your blending ratio? Did you notice any positive effects in terms of cleaner plugs when you pulled them, or better mixed mileage averages?

    Seafoam typically sells for about 10 dollars a bottle and treats 1 tank, where as half a gallon of E85 is about a buck and you can get it at the pump instead of having to make a side-trip for an additive.

    Chime in if you've done it or have opinions on it.
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  2. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    Never did it on the T-Bird but have used E-85 on my hot rods. 1 gal to 20 gallon ratio. Hot rods are 375 h.p. 350 c.i. ZZ-4 racing engine and a 300 h.p. Ford racing 302 engine. I have used Seafoam on the bird . I also use marine grade StaBil on everything that sits more than a month.
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  3. Couture, what kind of airplane is that? Citabria??

    I used to own a 1/3 of a Piper Warrior, then owned a Tomahawk. Those airplanes were cheaper to maintain and in service more than my 03 Tbird. Not LOL.:confused: If I ever get my Bird up and running I might dump it and go back to a Tomahawk - cheaper. ;)
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  4. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

  5. First of all, we don't have the E85 at our pumps in AZ but a little note. I did fill my 03 TB the other day and it was about empty and a little down the road I noticed the check engine light, well I then realized I had filled up with regular because I am an 83 yr old dummy (and I don't drive this car enough to remember premium) but I do have a product called mixigo that I always add one oz per gallon of gas and it is an octane booster and a cleaner so when I got home I added a lot of this and in a couple of times driving the check engine light has gone off.
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  6. cdbintexas

    cdbintexas Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I personally don't have an issue with dirty plugs, dirty injectors, or low milage after 3 years of ownership and using the car for mixed driving daily. 17 mpg in the city and 23 on the long trips across the Sonora Desert. I drive about 12,000 miles a year and normally buy regular gasoline. While I do not drag race, I enjoy that V-8 power and firmly believe if you are driving faster than average you reduce the chance of accident by 25%. As a pilot, I would not put E85 into the car unless all the fuel paths have been changed out in advance. Any airport will sell you 100 octane Low Lead for about $4.00 per gallon if you have to have more fire in your firewater.
  7. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    That's a military O1E Birddog like I flew in Vietnam. My personal plane was a a Beechcraft Sundowner which was full IFR and expensive to maintain properly but I could write it all off to my business.
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  8. My hat is off to you for flying a "Birddog" in Vietnam. I can't imagine the terror.

    30 years ago I flew "pipeline" for a while in a 152 in Texas, I had a few "good ole boys", deer hunters, quail hunters take a few shots at me while out "on patrol" just for the sport of it. I was lucky because all they were armed with were shotguns. I can't imagine somebody cutting loose with a full auto rifle with intent to bring you down. I salute you sir.
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  9. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    I crop dusted for about 6 months ( AgCat ) in the Louisiana Delta country after I left the USAF. That was a hoot !!!
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  10. I don't want to hear one more word about expensive to maintain and fly!!!

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  11. Gus Gutz

    Gus Gutz Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    I once flew first class on a 747 to Europe, but I do not know what that has to do with my TBird.
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  12. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    Nothing to with bird, however subject was fuel additives and types used in birds. The 747 uses JP-4 jet fuel which is kind of like kerosene which you do not want to use in your bird.
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  13. I guess it goes to show ya... There are pilots and there are passengers.
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  14. John Hayman

    John Hayman Well-Known Member Lifetime Donor

    Love this thread!
  15. i use half E85 and half premium gas in my hotrods. noticable improvement in power, has not hurt any fuel system components yet.
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  16. Aquarius

    Aquarius Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I know we are supposed to run hi octane fuel 91 or better. What about non-oxy fuel, any problem doing that?
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  17. couture

    couture Active Member Gold Donor

    I always use ethenol free 93 octane in my bird and hot rods, boats and equipment. We have many marinas here on the lake with this fuel. It's about 10-15 cents gal more than 10%E regular. On occasion I'll hit the airport for some good stuff in my hot rods.

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