02/03 dilemma

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Only 2500 TBirds allotted for Canada for 02, so our dealers sold out quickly. In mid March I put down a deposit to get on the 03 ordering list with an expected delivery of Sept/Oct. Ford just notified my dealer that 2 cars can still be ordered for 02 so I can have one at list for August delivery. Pro's and Con's are:
1) - Want Tbird blue and it may not be available for 03.
2) - Rumor says 15HP increase for 03, how important is this, will it be noticable when driving the car?
3) - Fog lights not available in Canada in 02, might they be on the 03?
4) - will there be a price increase for the 03.
My dealer has no info from Ford on the 03, so any information or even rumors you might have to help me make a decision would be appreciated. Right now I'm leaning towards the 02. Want it in my driveway as soon as possible!
Ken: If you contact me, may be I could help you out, I know of cars localy available now.Check your E mail.

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to try to answer some of your questions:
1- Thunderbird Blue will not be available in 2003 but we're pretty sure there will be another blue taking it's place
3- doubt they'll make the change to putting the optional parking lights in for Canada - word from others in Canada said that it was a bumper crash test issue.
4-word is that they'll hold the line on pricing but we don't know how close they'll come.

I keep track of the 2003 rumors on my site: http://www.geocities.com/thenewtbird/rumors03.html
They are still rumors as nothing official has surfaced from Ford yet.

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The main difference in engines between 02 and 03 is: the 02 does not have VVT, variable valve timing.
How this works, at a specific rpm and above the valve opening is increased and more oxygen is allowed into the
Cylinder. He means 15 more HP and slightly better gas mileage. Kinda like a higher lift cam.
Another difference is the instrument panel and speedometer. Also, the V8 was added to each side front fender.
You're responding to an 18 year old post - its old enough to drive !
Thanks! The information is for someone today. Most people even today don’t know what VVT is about.
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