007 Thunderbird

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Just curious about what the male vs. female perspective is on the color of this car. Will this color be perceived as strictly feminine? I'm interested in hearing people's opinions on this. After all, it is a car being driven by a female character in the new movie. Thoughts?
I like the color myself. I think they also make the VW Bug Turbo in this color.
Love the color. I'd order the color if it was avaialbe as a standard color. 39 year old male.

The color is good. I had a '56 that was this same color. When I first saw it I didn't like it but it did grow on me. I always got favorable comments about the car, right up to the day I sold it, two years ago. No one ever looked at it as a feminine color.
It was a color of the '50's and it fits today.
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