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I'm curious about something-

How does Ford come up with their 0-60 times?

I received my G-Force meter the other day, so I went over to a local dragstrip that opens here on New Years Day, and tested the meter and my car's performance. My best pass shows a 0-60 time of 7.29 seconds
at WOT-an easy acceleration pass gave me a 0-60 of 10.47 seconds.

A WOT from 0-90 was 11.18 seconds.

This is a stock 93 Thunderbird LX with the 5.0-L HO Option and 3.20 final gears.

Has anyone here tested their performance to see what their cars are capable of, and are they close to the 7.2 seconds that Ford says the Bird will do? I would think that your cars should do better, as you have 52HP more than my 93 does.

This isn't one of those TBird v. Vette posts, but an honest evaluation of the car's performance.


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