1. G

    Need help finding a (discontinued) Spare Tire for a 2002.

    I recently took my car in for a new set of tires, and then discovered that the spare they put back into my trunk was shredded!! (Despite the fact that it was in perfectly good condition and had less than 10 miles on it when I drove the car in to them). The tire place has accepted...
  2. Dukemp

    Tire size. 1964 convertible

    I am trying to find the tire size for today’s standard for my 64 convertible. I can’t find the specs in any of the manuals. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. dickday0

    Coker tires on a '57

    My '57 has Coker white wall bias tires. They look almost brand new. The car wanders at any speed. My local Goodyear store put it up on a lift. Front end looks fine, nothing loose or worn. They are telling me that I need new tires asap. The serial number shows that these were made in 1992. In...
  4. R

    Largest tires 2004 Thunderbird

    What is the largest tire that can be put on a 2004, as I want wide whitewalls from diamondback tires, does anyone have any idea? Thanks Richard in Memphis
  5. Cn1010

    1986 t bird wheel selection help

    I'm new here, and new to thunderbirds. Looking for a little help with wheel selection. I'm no gurue whel it comes to proper backspacing and fitment of wheels but I am looking to fit a 27.8X12.8R15 drag radial under the rear, does anyone know what wheel I would need to run to tuck them under the...