1. Threebird

    2002 draining battery at night

    Don't know if this has already been battery on my 2002 retrobird is draining while in the lights remain on except the red blinking diode on the dash...doors trunk and hood are all doesn't make any sounds. Is there a switch somewhere that has notoriously...
  2. TheCrouchEndTiger

    1963 Battery Problems

    Hi All I have a 63 convertible and gone through several batteries. The last one I used was a Bosch S4 80Ah, CCA 740A. The car doesn't get used a lot, just on sunny days. If the car sits in the garage for a while (4 weeks) I find that it is hard to start (am thinking of installing an electric...
  3. pafudd

    66 TBird Headlights Kill Battery

    We have chronic issue with charging system. Headlights will eventually kill the battery if we our out for an evening drive. Didn’t last 15 minutes the other night. Stopped for an ice cream and car wouldn’t start. Got a boost and drove home. Tinkered with it in driveway next day. Battery...
  4. F

    Best place for original 6V battery replacement 1955

    where is the best place to get an original style power punch 6v battery replacement, mine is no longer holding a charge. 1955 thunderbird. This will be my 3rd one, they don't seem to last long.
  5. 8

    86' Tbird V6 Electrical Pop

    This car is more than a project it's a lost cause that I'm stubborn on. Electrical is all sorts of messed up. Recently I reconnected the battery got interior lights on, dash lights, even headlights. However, from where the positive side of the battery terminal harness is, there is a large thick...