1. H

    1962 Parts Car for Sale in N. California (fits 61, 62, 63)

    Rust Free California 62 Thunderbird 400.00 Hi All, I'm buying a thunderbird next weekend. The car is body complete. The dash is gone, the rear seat is gone, and engine/trans is gone. It is a rolling body and chassis. So has rear end, suspension, rims, etc. I will need the fenders, door...
  2. E

    1963 Ford Thunderbird W/ original book!

    Hey Guys! looking to Sell my 63 T-Bird, the car is in great condition, always stored inside, the soft top has no cracks or dry rot. 37,683 original miles, I even have the original book! Have to see in person! Car is located in New Jersey (610)291-7190 Please call with any questions, Evin...
  3. Zhaney

    1963 for sale $15k

    My granddad has a 1963 two door coupe that has been in his basement for 20+years. The exterior is in good shape just needs to be washed. Interior is great shape. The car does run, but requires starter fluid to start. Possibly carburetor issues. It has 56k miles. Not exactly sure the value so the...
  4. Zhaney

    Info/ Value 1963

    My granddad has a 1963 2door coupe that has been in his basement for 20+ years. Still runs and is in good shape. He is wanting to sell it and I was just looking for information or a possible value. It’s red with black interior. Any information helps. Thanks
  5. S

    55-66 Huge lot of bodies, frames, axles, brakes, interior, powertrain and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

    I have recently inherited a family members 50,000 sq ft T BIRD restoration and repair shop in Broward county Florida. This building is full of all tbird parts. chrome, body parts, frames blocks bumpers galore. The gentleman that build this collection spent his lifetime collecting Tbirds and...
  6. BP63

    63 Tbird antenna stuck in up postition

    Hi, I just purchased a 63 convertible, and the antenna is stuck in the up position. I presumed this was a power antenna that might need to be replaced, but after looking through the parts catalogs the antennas don't appear to be powered up/down. can anyone confirm that power antennas...
  7. J

    1963 Convertible upper rear seat issue

    Hello Can someone provide me a picture of the 1963 Convertible rear upper seat brackets? Seems someone in my birds past welded extra supports for these and now the upper rear seat sits way to high.
  8. J

    61-63 Rear window/back glass for sale in NJ

    I have a rear window from a 3rd gen T-bird. I'm in New Jersey in the New York City area. $99. It has some scratches but no cracks or chips. I'd rather not ship it. It's in my way and I'd like it gone.